The day when the dream came true ~ part 1

Last week, I made a meal with Mr. Takasa Takasa (hereinafter referred to as MAD) of the original Anthem drummer. MAD is a musician who is most admiganded by me, and it is a day that the sky is overwhelmed by the day when two people can drink sors.

Mr. MAD is enrolled as a primary drummer from the formation of Anthem at the beginning of the 1980s,From the major debut of 1985 1During the 992 dissolution, I continued to cut the ANTHEM rhythm called power metal.

When I was a junior high school third grader, Anthem debuted, and I first went to live live, was the "Tightrope" tour of 1986 next day. Live house of local OitaStudio OtisI was moved to watch MAD's drum play for the first time, and I was moving drums in the band at that time, and I'm drawn to scrape the records and videos of Anthem, and the foam of MAD's dramming form Copy and fill the fill and imitate everything as Hair style and appearance as the holes opened the magazine that MAD was published.

In the 1987 "Bound to Break" tour, I have made high school with my friends and made anthem "admission" in front of Live House Studio Otis. MAD members who arrived at the venue by the tour bus before noon, let me know the instrument carrying (Rordi) and put them in their friends and put them in the dressing room!

When MAD tells me what I was doing drums, MAD was used by MAD, and he told me the hard case of the drum used in the tour and the Basdora's head who was replaced by that day! I came back to the commemorative to the cans of Mad's drunk pokalyshet. It became like to have a good feeling with my longing MAD, but I was a sense of dreaming.

I went to university and went to Tokyo in Tokyo, a 1989 Hunting Time Tour, 1990 NO Smoke Without Fire Tour, go to Tokyo and Yokohama live every time, and I'm fascinated by MAD's dramming every time I was. Immediately after the Domestic Booty release in 1992Dissolution is announced,I screamed Wild Anthem while crying in the brisk of crying at the Shinjuku Nisshin Power Station.

During the junior high school age, it is the breath of the band and the dissolution of the band, what should I listen to now? I'm really sad that I lost my head, I'm really sad that I had no opportunity to watch MAD's play, I wash my feet from the other Heavy Metal, and I felt my feet, and I tilt to Country Lock and Southern Rock, I spent such a day. Anthem and MAD for me were so youth it.

In summer 2000, the Tomei Osaka tour associated with the "Heavy Metal Anthem" release that fucated Graham Bonnet was held. On the second day of the Tour Final Shibuya On Air 2days, I watched Mad's play for the first time in eight years and tears again! The reignment momentum is high at once, and Anthem will be revived in 2001, but the drummer did not receive my wish called MAD, and Mad did not return to Anthem.

The day-to-day activities of the 90's musicians were not open, but it was not open to the fans, but MAD is a mystery, but MAD is in the 2000s, and from the former Princess Princess's guitar Nakayama BandYou can see a little bit from the official website or blog, such as participating in Voodoo Hawaiians, and he has joined Heesey with Dudes of the Solo Project Band of Yellow Monkey. I felt that the distance to the distance was approaching.

In 2007, MAD was announced on the home page that Drum lessons are drum lessons for individuals. If you don't go to the drum to MAD of the yearning, I would not have to go to the fast attack lesson and started it.

Mad's drum lessons were held in Music Studio around Edo Kawashi Bridge and Gokokuji Temple, and I went to the studio while dancing my mind every time. I remember that I was a little time before and after the lesson, so I remember I conferred my thoughts to my MAD in a limited time.

MAD's drum lessons are mailed by emails with mail-free schedules between tours and recording, but it was quite good with my schedule with an independent my schedule. After that, in 2007, in the Saitama Music Event "Loud Park" held at Saitama Super Arena, I was not able to meet Mad, who greeted MAD and happened.

~to be continued

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