The day when the dream came true-

I went to work with independence and brand launch and not contacted by Mad, and when I was not in contact with MAD, time is flowing and a day of 2017, from Mad, "Backpack, cool!"facebookIt has been contacted by the messenger of. Since it was super hibisabis, it was really surprising that it became easy to get in touch with anyone with a direct message with a direct message as a person connected to SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Mr. MAD was checking that Katsuyukikodama debuted by Katsuyukikodama, who has never met, and the backpack etc. were released! I was happy and I was happy and I was happy to reply a message of fast-feldent. MAD has an increase in the opportunity to watch overwhelmingly compared to the past in Anthem's Anniversary Live and YouTube, but there were many fears to send DM directly from MAD of the yearning drummer.

I watched MAD's play lastly at the 2019 summer Anthem's "Hunting Time Complete Reproduction 30th Anniversary Live". I was able to go to the live at work or not, but I had not bought a ticket, but because the schedule was hung, I got a few days and entered its historical live.

The male figure wrapped in the aura of Mr. MAD who made a guest appeared in the live is cool, and I was drunk on the long-fashioned dramming.30 years from the "Hunting Time" tour I saw in Shibuya Corporation in 1989, the most favorite albumIt was really a really valuable experience that I was able to see "Hunting Time" again with Mad's drum.

To such a MAD, I received contact from me at the end of November last year.November last year,We did the exhibition of Summer_2021 in Tokyo and Osaka in Tokyo and Osaka, and held Friends Day in Tokyo and Harajuku on the next weekend. The Friends Day to do the brand started after starting the brand, and many friends sent an invitation message. I invited Mr. MAD to that Friends Day.

From Mad, "I want to go, but it's Hiroshima, it's Hiroshima. It's too disappointing". I thought I could not help but I was really happy that I was able to talk more than MAD and a long time online. After that, if you chat each other's situation, it will be a flow like "I will drink this time" in the flow of conversation!

eh! ? really? ? Is it like that? ? ? I thought that "Schedule I would like to go by all means when I'm okay to schedule!" Then, "Let's definitely go to the day!" The day of the "first drinking party" was decided on the day of Mad of December and my schedule.

The place was going to make MAD's local and my local middlepoint, but it is a few days before the drinking party, and from MAD "Kodama-kun, don't you come to the local local? "DM came. Why don't MAD's local famous innocent shops independently out of the store, don't you go to that shop? .

I knew that Mad's locals were in the magazine's interview. It has not been so far from my local area, and it was a long time ago, so I acknowledged it in two replies. If I could drink with Mad, it was good anywhere in the place where MAD could drink. As Metal Kids, I was waiting for the day to meet MAD now now.

And I finally came to the time of the promised time, and I met the first time of the promised time and reunited for the first time in 13 years.Mr. MAD who was waiting outside the station ticket gate is locker even if it looks at. Anthem era and after that careerIt was not changed at all 13 years ago, and aura as a locker came out. I was nervous, but when I was in a walk until I got to the shop, the tension was solved in no time.

Sitting to the counter after arriving at the store, MAD is a general of shopsMr. HiroHe introduced me. GeneralMr. HiroThe former musician is a friend relationship with Mad. We leave the specialty oden in Mad's localTo Hiro-sanOrdering and talking about the story of the old Anthem and the story of Mad's musician life bloom from the story of MAD's musician life.

Mr. MAD said, but I said that I want to ask MAD, but I'm like a mountain, and I have a note on the iPhone's memo app As not only, I had an orientation of the question every day, so I did not put it in my hair. I tried to attack MAD. Excuse me, MAD!

But I drank that day well. Starting from 5 cups of beer and deliciousHiro-sanI kept drinking his oden and took a beer endlessly. I do not have a memory that I had a glass of beer. Perhaps more than 10 cups will drink well, but it's really young to keep drinking beer even if it is this age (laughs).

I've been looking at MAD from the teenagerFrom the side of the fanIt is not interesting to talk from both sides, such as the impression and the MAD of Rock Hero who continued to hit the drum with the leading role of the stage. There were also stories where points were connected, and I had misunderstood at all, and MAD's story, which has built up the creation period of the genre of Heavy metal dramar, what novels, TV and movies are more interesting than I was.

The day I had a dream come true, I continued to take a drink, and the story continued to end without knowing the end of the Galactic Railway.

Thank you, Mr. MAD. It was really fun. Come soon! ! ! Let's drink shochu next time!


PS. There was no memory after leaving the shop, and when I was aware of the train, I was at the end of the neighboring prefecture in the reverse. The return taxi fee is 30,000 yen strong. This is the first experience (crying). Forgetting the train with a wallet with a wallet ........... Its wallet bag is discovered into force without being lost two weeks and no one disappears ......... It's too fun and I've come out again at a drinking party who was drinking too much (crying). It is really reflection. Mr. MAD, Hiroho General, did not make a noise! !

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