Delivery service area

Austria, Austria, Belgium

Chinaa (Beijing, Guangdong, Henan, Shanghai, Sichuan, Zhejiang)

Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France

Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, ITALY

Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg

Macau, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway

Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (Moscow)

Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Southkorea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

United Kingdom, Vietnam

U.S (California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington)

* Currently, it will be delivered to this area. Please contact if you wish to deliver to other than this country.

* Products that can not be exported are referred to as "this Products Do Not Ship International Ly" on the sales screen. If you select the product of this display, we will contact you from here.

* Products that use materials involved in the Washington Convention can not be delivered other than Japan.

* Products related to air transport prohibited can not be delivered other than Japan.


Guidance of payment method

You can select the following payment method.

· VISA · Master Card · American Express · JCB

· PayPal · Apple Pay · Google Pay · Shop Pay

* Trading currency at this site is Japanese yen. If your credit card currency is other than Japanese yen, it will be billed with the amount of money by the credit card company's conversion rate.

* Due to the conversion rate, some differences may occur in the amount of billing from the card company and the amount of purchase.

* Cash On Delivery can not be purchased.It will be displayed as a choice during settlement, but if settled by this method, processing is performed by cancellation.


how to order

· Select the number of requests from the product page and click Add to Cart.

· After confirming the contents of the cart, press the button of "To purchase procedure" if it is good.

※ Membership registration is required for purchase

• Input items are the minimum required information. Name, delivery destination, and email address. Enter the email address and password entered during registration and proceed with the purchase procedure.

· Enter the required items and select a payment method.

· Check if there is no mistake in the input content and click the completion button.

· After completing your order, we will automatically send an order confirmation email from us.

※ If you wish to issue a receipt, please comment on "Order and Delivery Request" on the purchase procedure screen.

※ If your orderer and the delivery destination are different, it is regarded as a gift, and delivery will be delivered without attachment to the product. However, please note that payment of tariffs will occur on the consignee side.

※ Products will deliver our brand original shopping bag together.

Regarding delivery

Products are shipped from Japan by Fedex Priority Service.

Delivery work within 4 days after ordering.

Delivery days differ depending on the delivery area. We plan to arrive at about 7 days-10 days.

Email shipping information as soon as shipping arrangements are completed. The delivery status can be checked on Fedex sites.


For shipping charges

Shipping charges vary by product. Please check the shipping cost on the settlement screen.

Please contact for questions about shipping costs.


About customs clearance, tariff, tax

· Japan consumption tax will not be charged if you live outside Japan.

· Order is shipped with DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and arriving at the target country will result in completion and taxes. When delivering the product, there is an information from the home trader's FedEx.

· Customs and import tax differ depending on the country, so we can not tell clear expenses. It is recommended that you contact your current customs and import tax before ordering. After product arrival, it is possible to avoid puzzling for duty and import tax claims.

· Can not be sent by underestimation and gift treatment of the product price to reduce tariffs and import taxes. Please note that tax and import tax payments are being defined in their respective countries.


About returned goods / exchange

Customer Cancellation, Returns, and Exchanges do not accept your convenience.

We accept returns and exchanges only in the following cases.

· If products different from your order have arrived.

· When initial failure arrives.

· The product is limited to products that have product tags unused.

· Please contact within 7 days after arrival.

After that, we will return the return procedure by our specified method and replace it with the correct thing.


About refund

Refund is only if no product exchange is required in this defect.

Product arrives here and checks the refund procedure after confirming.

Refund depends on the settlement method at the time of purchase. This is not a direct refund, not a direct refund, but a refund through a settlement company.