Nice to meet you CHIKA.
It will be the first time in this place, but I belong to from the beginning of the brand establishment, and I think there are some people who met with the POP UP of the store. 10 years walking next to the designer. I would like to communicate a little by little.

This time, it is an introduction of "OneMade" released online

The beginning of ONEMADE is the 2017 autumn, designer Mikio, "I wanted to draw a picture on the bag pack" and it was a trend that I was nervous.

Mikio's product was seen in his B'2nd of the previously to his B'2nd, but he was watching in a brand MAXSIX, but there is no opportunity for communication, and is there somewhat? I remember that I felt. A brows that depicts David Bowy Heroes jacket from the 2017 MAXSIX Collection, a character reminiscent of Beatles is watching a T-shirt walking at Abbey Road, and the interests in Mikio are deeply deepened.

His Backpack's painting talked about his 2017 he was the year of Team Mikio started his OneMade. He was impressed by being involved in new activities. Kodama was an immediate answer that "I want you to draw a line drawn by Mikio. There are few people who can draw a line." I think this year was when the timing attracted by each other matched. Then you will gradually walk.

* Working landscape during painting /

It's really hand painting. A handwritten message is written on the sleeve of the leather jacket, which is written after sewing, is completed with the product.

* Working with Mikio's Atelier

Katsuyukikodama (formerly KK) and OneMade were similar, and there was a sense of closeness soon. KK is produced from sample to production at our own factory. OneMade is in-house silk print and hand painting. Design, material selection and designer self. Naturally, it seems that the designer himself is not commonplace when the designer itself becomes a company.

I often use the word "designer himself" when introducing KK, but it is a brand that there are many steps that can only be designers. I think ONEMADE is also true. Both designers are any positive and working themselves, so work is fast.
Then Mikio's users, artists, people involved, and the feeling of their respect for the people who meet from now on, I feel that they are very nice and very nice to work together.

Mikio's personality seems to be related to having art from childhood to familiar. Her father's influence starts oil painting from 7 years old, and after graduating from Art University, CM art director and film director are active as a film director. She is currently working as a painter as well as a fashion designer. She regularly holds a solo exhibition, but I would like to see if there is an opportunity to see the activity as a painter. It is creative and surprisingly a wide variety of techniques.

* Part of the solo exhibition held in 2019

There are many ways to think that art is an alienous existence, but it is one of the ways to exchange opinions with others. Corona is a freedom to have a change in common sense and values ​​so far, and the freedom to disseminate individual ideas has been strengthened. Enjoy rich time in communication through art.

Your trip to you. Enjoy the Art "OneMade" to wear.

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