The Begining/ Creation Started in Paris

The beginning of the brand started in Paris

"KATSUYUKIKODAMA PARADDLE" debuted at the exhibition "Tranoi" held in Paris in January 2012 (see:History) Started selling overseas and started selling in Japan in 2014. Handling at limited stores, including LECLAIREUR and Isetan Shinjuku Men's, has begun.

Katsuyukikodama paradidDLE Debuted at The "Tranoi" EXHIBITION HELD in PARIS in JANUARY 2012 (See: HistoryOverseas and Started Selling in Japan in 2014. Inclouding Leclaireur, Isetan SHINJUKU MEN'S, and A Limited LecLaireur, Isetan SHINJUKU MEN'S and Other.

CHERISH CREATION and Passion. It's Always an Adventure

Practice creation and passion. Making things always adventure

A brand icon-like product is a backpack called "Pack-1".
Kodama, a designer, creates a new design when the heart is exciting, and the heart is exciting.
A designer who returned from a 2013 business trip to Italy was immersed in new product production. Repeat the prototype about 30 times, and the completed product is Pack-1.
The backpack series, which started selling in 2014, is still important for us.

The Brand's Iconic Product is a backpack Called Pack-1.
Designer Kodama Creates New Designs Which Is Inspired by a Beautiful Situation, a Material That Interests Him, or Whis Heart Is In The Right Place.
After Returning from A Business Trip to Italy In 2013, The Designer Immersed Himself in The Creation of A New Product. After about 30 IterAtications Ofinal.
The backpack Series, Which We Started Selling in 2014, is Still VERY Important to US.


An environment that embodies creation

We consistently manage design, material selection, sample production, and commercialization.

We have our own factory to avoid restricting our creatures.
And to leave a little environment in Japan.

We Consolidation Manage Design, Material Selection, Sample Production, and Mercientizing OURSELVES.
We have Own Factory in Order Not to Limit Our Crease.


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最近のMy Topix

最近のMy Topix

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今年は本当にANTHEMイヤーだ。 僕が中学生だったころからの推しバンドのANTHEM。今年デビュー38年目で、4月にリリースされた通算17枚目の新作「CRIMSON & JET BLACK」は、キャリア初の全曲英詞で世界同時発売というこれまで以上の超意欲作だ。1曲目の"SNAKE ...

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