It is guidance of store business schedule

Thank you for always favoring your patronage.

G. During the W, it is a guide for each store business schedule.

Online Store / April 29 May 1-5 will be suspended for delivery.

Maison ParadIddle / April 29 May 2, 3, 4, 5 days closed

DAIMARU SHISAIBASHI / April 25-May 11 Closed

Hankyu Men's osaka / April 25-May 11 Closed

(Daiamru Shinsaibashi, Hankyu Men's OSAKA's two stores are the undecided situation after the 12th. Please check the information of each store HP after the 12th)

* ONLINE STORE inventory is used in combination with store inventory.

Please note that delivery may be time for delivery from all ages.

If you are concerned about the delivery schedule, please contact us in advance.

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