Open factory and bags and votanical

Maison paradiddle opened on April 15 in Sumida Ward Kamezawa is an open factory, soKatsuyukikoDamaCan see the production scenery of the product. You can see the large window facing the road, but it is also possible to visit it in the middle and visit. Sometimes I can not help but not feel the breath of the town Sumida Ward Kamezawa's breath of Machisawa-ku Kamezawa, which is the elderly who is standing at the road of the factory.

Next to the ramen shop opened at the same time, Mr. Kichijoji Musashi House Store is a matrix at the time of lunch, but since the customers are lined up with the large windows of the factory, the factory is also for the factory Don't be a good advertisement, spend every day while thinking. It is unknown at this point where the contact between the family ramen and KK is. (Lol)

Katsuyukikodama items and And. Managed by the showroom ATELIER 1011 (Atrie Ten Eleven) ProducedSince the factory can also be viewed from the south store part of the Botanical, the customers who came to the store are also interesting and look at the factory. "Show a moment of factory!" While the store's entrance to the factory, there are also customers who are crushed to the factory, and the possibility of open factory spreads radially.

Customization of goods lined up at the store while serving customers and customizations can also be consulted on the spot.In Maison ParadIddleYou can customize the items of Katsuyukikodama with only one of the items in Katsuyukikodama in the world in the concept of "BE Yourself, Be Original (for you, as you)", so you can customize your feet!

As mentioned earlier, in Maison ParadIddle,AND. Managed by the showroom ATELIER1011 (Atrie Ten Eleven) ProducedHandling Botanical. Natively-like I love the hemutamushi and stag beetle of elementary school, and a hamster, a dog, a cat, and a cowbird fish, seawater fish, an aquarium such as a cat and a dog, such as a kitten, a cat or a dog. Life has been brought together with the creatures of.After entering the corona, the room continues to increase in the room, and is really healed daily to the green emergence ion in the age of being covered by various anxieties.

When I really want to handle the votanical, I really want to handle the Botanical, when opening Maison ParadiddleAND. Meet Mr. Kudo (hereinafter: Kudo-chan) of the president of the showroom. November last year,In the Meguro Ward SamuraiAND. When I visited ATELIER 1011 (Atelier Ten Eleven) operated by the showroom, I was very excited to have various Botanical, and I was very excited to buy ELENDANA.

since then,At ATELIER 1011While purchasing some Botanical each time you go to a business talk, I was offered to ATELIER 1011 when Maison ParadidDle is opened, and I was offered to Kudo-chan. Then Kudo-chan is consent and during interior workMaison ParadIddleAfter a couple of meetings of Lotus and Omotesando, lemon, colleran, Akabab, Phoenix and Rosemary were delivered the day before opening.

Botanical spaces are really good at work and private places. It is because it is likely to be cool and rested to be healed and rested to be a thousands of years and life. Botanical will give you calm time and space in a busy morning, and will be motivated for that day. When it comes to the evening, I will rest my pointed and tired mind at work.

It is still a long time to handle Botanical with this Maison Paradiddle, but it will be more time to have a long time, but as an open factory and bag & botanical shop, which has rooted in the town of manufacturing, weMaison ParadIddleI feel that I will grow slowly.

The my heart is not guts like the 30's and the 40th's first time,With the location of Sumida Ward KamezawaI wonder if it's thanks to the Botanical-I think it's too slow day.

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