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From April 25, Osaka, Osaka,Hyogo, 4 prefectures of KyotoEmergency declaration has been applied. It is the third declaration in Tokyo where we live. This timeIn addition to a large commercial facility such as a department store, a restaurant that offers sake and karaoke facilities, etc., the restaurant has been banned to provide sake in the restaurant, and the outline of the park and the road was also prohibited. It was not good to say that "Trail orders" will be issued while I was alive.

In the first place, the cause of the spread of corona is really doubtful whether it is really sake. If the vaccine is inoculated with Israeli, the United Kingdom, and America alone, the number of infected people is stopped, the "Substacle" that tightens the liquor from the restaurant, and there will be no "substriction order", and the area simultaneous PCR inspection for discovering an asympta So what is the one that the number of inspections does not increase by the number of inspections will not increase by the number of inspections that discover the infected person and thoroughly isolated. The frustration that the vaccination and PCR inspection do not increase, and Moyamoya is really tired to cover the mind.

It is a pioneerCompanyThe vaccine made is actually the original number of plans has not yet arrived in Japan? The initial planned number is the fact that Prime Minister Prime Minister Prime Minister of Palace and British Astlasneca will receive a supply for all nationals for all nations from Astlasneka. After the Prime Minister Kasono went to the United States and finished President Baiden and the Summit, PizzaCompanyIn the telephone meeting in Japan and the telephone meeting in the United States, it was reported that the supply of 5000 times by September was agreed, but even if it is Ahi-san, even if you become a 菅, the Japanese government and Pizza Corporation Evidence such as writes is not shown at all, and can I export an important domestic vaccine to Bashibashi Japan while the Under American domestic intake rate has not reached 50%? I think while amateur.

It is definitely due to Tokyo Olympics that positive PCR inspections are not conducted in Japan. If many foreign countries are discontinued to the Tokyo Olympics, if the Olympics is canceled, the number of inspections will increase as soon as possible, and the number of infected people is a bombIncrease, the people will soon know the real corona's actual situation at that time. The operation of the number of PCR inspections is seen from the age of Prime Minister Prime Minister President Abe until now, and many people sees. Last year I had such a skeptical perspective for government and leaders worldwide, but it is still about Japan that the opinion is smuggled?

Well, the priority of both administrations is not a constitutional amendment or a general election, but maintaining and recovering support for the Tokyo Olympics and success. The number of PCR tests can not increase because the number of infected people has to be suppressed. The Japanese government's slogan is "I do not want, until you win," not until you win, "it will not be until the Olympics to hold!" It is still the psychiatry. Tohoo.

Well, I think that Maison Paradiddle of the open factory and store started, and it is a little bit of one month, but I think that our existence is now known to the people of Kamezawa area.Since the location of Maison Paradiddle was originally a personal management tavern store that everyone knows in the local community, it seems that the shop that handles the bag that has come there will also be doing the factory. Let's go into the shop for the time being! Many people are coming.

Customers who came to the store will also search for customers and customers with customers and functions. It is also very convenient to have custom consultations on the fly on the factory staff. I also wanted to make this environment when I did a shop in front of Jingu. It is a long-awaited environment. This Maison Paradiddle, which sells what you made, and this Maison Paradiddle, which is exhausted, is full of many possibilities.

Open factory continued to produce mass production every day, but the new item correction and final sample production will be started early next month. It is quite interesting to create a final type while rewriting one place instead of line production. This is planned to be up to youTube and edit video shooting & editing, so enjoy everyone!

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