SPRING AND SUMMER 2022 is ongoing! ~ Vol.2

The theme of the S/S2022 collection of katsyukikodama to be held next week is "Desirable Days". Overcoming Corona, next summer is wonderful days ~Desirable DaysIt is a theme with the wish of greeting."Desirable Days"We are currently building the items you want to carry together, and they are pursuing "color", "lightness" and "beauty", which set it apart from the previous Katsuyukikodama. 

In the process of producing the sample, if you can make a dummy that matches your image and silhouette, thenUsing the material used in the productMove to the production of 1st sample. The material used for the product is determined at the early stage of the creation.There are cases where newly built -in ones are used, or they may be selected from the archives of the materials they met in their daily activities.The combination of materials and colors is also important, and the combination of metal fittings and zipper materials and colors is added, and the image of the creation is increasingly served.

When all specifications are determined, a sample specification (merchandising sheet) at that time is created. In our case, this specification is a temporary specification. that is,If you continue to work, it often changes to different specifications from the design of the bags that you originally imagined and the combination of materials and colors, and the specifications are changed each time.

Every time you add an arrangement to the image and design you planned, the tailoring and appearance of the bag get better, so this work is irresistible. This is one of the real pleasures of merchandising.

I've been listening for a long time and the big fan's ANTHEM recordingThe lyrics areCompletely unfinishedEvery time the song is only made of the skeletonIt seems that you can enter the studio and repeat the songs repeatedly while recording each part. Our creation is exactly the same.

The collection of each SPRING AND SUMMER 2022 collection has been added from the specifications that were originally planned after moving from a dummy to the 1st sample production from the dummy. The arrangement was suggested by me and I received a proposal from Sako. This repetition sublimates the collection to the best state. This is a business that can only be done by Maison Paradiddle, a designer and partner and craftsman who can always work in the same place.

By the way, the sample production of each collection of SPRING and SUMMER 2022 also has a bridge in front of the tray. At this point, the collection has a good presence, and I can't help but look forward to the completion of a new work.

SPRING AND SUMMER 2022 collection is in Ebisu Portal PointIt will be announced at the joint exhibition of the AND. Showroom, which will be held for 3 days from August 18!

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