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A Fascinating Our Country.
Live in Japan

Political turmoil,
An attractive country.
2021-21、Live in Japan

2021 Started with the TEE shirt released in the spring / summer"IRONY -satire" was also incorporated into the creation of 2022 Spring / SummerWithout hesitation while being forced to endure for a long time due to the corona evilI feel that it is time to get up with a voice

In Japan, Delta stocks with strong infectivity due to the leaders' behind -the -handed corona are now spread, and the infection explosion has come here.More than 20,000 new Corona infected people nationwide, the collapse of medical care is a reality, and Corona patients cannot be hospitalized in the hospital, and there are 35,000 admissions and home treatments in Tokyo. Exceeded.

Even if an ambulance calls an ambulance, there is a continuous difficulty in transportation where the hospitalization is not decided, and sometimes you spend hours in an ambulance, so there is no hospitalization at home.In some cases, patients who are forced to wait for hospitalization have died at home.

This is the same as the European and American countries last year before the vaccination and overshots in India this spring, and a colona patient lying on a simple bed in a temporary field hospital or gymnasium is inhaled oxygen. We have watched it in the news. This is about to be waking up in Japan now.

The leader is finally in this situationTemporary medical facilities (Nono War Hospital) Showed the intention of construction. In February of last year, Corona had exploded infected, only 10 daysIn the construction periodIt is new to remember that a huge inpatient treatment facility, "Fireginzan Clinic", was built in the neighborhood, and the same facilities were built to secure a total of 2600 beds and stop the expansion of infection.

At that time (February of last year), the trend of Japan was only thought to be a fire on the opposite shore while watching such a situation in China on TV, and it is a mast hospital that is clean and beautiful. It was even ridiculed by China to create a huge field hospital with a simple structure through a rush work.

However, considering the construction of temporary medical facilities by the Chinese government, it was built from a prefabricated architecture that assembles parts made in the factory in advance, and a stunning collaboration between a large private company and the People's Liberation Army. It can be seen that it was a state -of -the -art epidemic proof business.

Even though Japan has been a year and a half since the outbreak of coronaNot only the construction of temporary medical facilitiesThe government is still delayed by the government.

What have Japanese leaders doing in the past year and a half? Did you have hopeful observations in Japan if the worst situation? Or did you think that "Kamikaze" blows and blows away the corona again because it's a god of God?

Of course, that's not the case, but it's not an exaggeration to say that politics is not working properly in Japan, but this is exactly what we experience for the first time.Anarchy (political turmoil)""Chaos (chaos)"is.

Nevertheless, "if there is a medal rush at the Olympics" or "if the vaccine is over", then the people are the governmentThe leaders who forgot the stray for the corona -compatible, and the ruling party will also win in the autumn lower house election.Psychedelier (hallucinations)」。

Japan, which is dominated by the Tohoho leaders, is really ""Fascinating country""IRONY -satire" with such thoughts.

After overshots in Europe, the United States and India, the images of a variety of grave holes to bury the victims, and the images that the victims are cremated all at once in places where cremation is not in time and is not originally cremated. I witnessed it.

The reality that Irony is not just a satire is now approaching.Don't be patient anymore. It's time to get up with a voice.

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