SPRING AND SUMMER 2022 is ongoing! ~ Vol.1

My favorite summer has arrived. The heat of the daytime exceeds 35 ° has come and the summer is in the middle of the summer. The kinkin, which is delicious every day, is also exceptional, and it is really fun to cook a snack that matches it. I wish it was summer all year round.

By the way, in the best condition for me, Maison Paradiddle is now a sample of SPRING and SUMMER 2022 exhibitions sponsored by AND.

The theme of Katsyukikodama's S/S2022 is "Desirable Days". Overcoming Corona, next summer is wonderful days ~Desirable DaysIt is a theme with the wish of greeting."Desirable Days"We are currently building the items you want to carry together, and they are pursuing "color", "lightness" and "beauty", which set it apart from the previous Katsuyukikodama.

Our new sample production is progressing this time with the production method that I and my partner, Sou, cultivated for many years.

First of all, the picture type and drawings are not perfectly created. Train the image level to Sako. A long time ago, outsourcingTo ask a craftsman to make a sample, it was necessary to give a perfect picture type and drawing.I drew many pictures and drawings over hours.

But the current sample request destinationOutsourcingNot a craftsman but a relative of the relativesIt is Soro, a partner. I have been making teamwork with Sako for almost 15 years, so we have created a terrible number of samples and products together. It is faster to convey the image first than the perfect picture type and the drawing. Based on my image and simple drawings drawn softly, Sako starts making patterns.

Once the pattern is made, move to a dummy production using similar materials. A dummy is the same as the clothes toar, and it is for checking the size and silhouette. It is unlikely that the size and silhouette will be made as you want with one shot. Repeat many times until the size and silhouette of Donpisha that you imagine. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that this dummy production is the most important task.

Okko is hard because the correction is repeated many times, but there are many cases where Sako is not convinced in Sako until I get OK. This is a new creationWe know one of the most important tasks, so the correction of repeated dummy is not hard at all.

If you ask a outsourced craftsman, it is difficult to repeat this dummy production and dummy correction. When I was still immature in the silhouette of the skilled craftsmen, I couldn't say "NO!"

But now it is a work in Maison Paradiddle, so there is no compromise on the work. Even if you don't compromise, you know that spending time for mischief is useless, so work will progress surprisingly quickly. This is also thanks to my experience for many years.

Well, when the dummy is completedUsing the material used in the productMove to the production of 1st sample. After this, I will talk about the process of making the 1st sample again in the next ~ vol.2!

Continue to vol.2 ~

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