All the scenes of Maison Paradiddle announced!

Katsushika HokusaiAnd the Edo period and the Meiji era culture, which such such such as the San Yuzuri Yen,Both countries: this spring to Kamezawa's land,Direct management flagship store and factory fusiondidMaison paradiddle is born. As introduced in the previous blog, this Maison Paradiddle is a store & open factory that integrated the store, office and factory.

This Maison Paradiddle opened date decided on April 15, 2021!This maison paradiddleWhat do we do? This time, announce the whole story!


[Handling item]

· Develop the Maison ParadIddle limited item, including new works and standards of Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle and R.katsuyukikodama.

· Exhibition and demonstration of Live and Survive planning for cloudfanding "Makuake" started on March 11 "Life jacketed driver packing pack".

· Proposal of a fulfilling votanical life. And. Showrooms operateWith ATELIER.1011Development of many types of houseplants and succulents, herbs and Maison paradiddle leather pot covers and leather spindle plant hangers, leather trays, etc. developed in collaboration.


[Always event]

· Decoration_katsuyukikodama ~ KK Customize the Ramponi of Italian studs on the basis of KK Customer.

· BE YOURSELF, BE ORIGINAL (for you, as you, please) -Be YourSelf, built with the staff with the staff in the store's iPod in the store that starts with the official web at the same time as open.

· Visit the production site of items of CRUISE FACTORY-KATSUYUKIKODAMA in close proximity. KK item is more close to the factory tour, such as cutting, leather, normal sewing, arms, post-sewing, foil, grinder, buff, etc., such as machine mania and leather mania!

· Private Bag Design Lesson-Designer Toma Katsu-Bags Bag Design personal lessons are full.Design course completed to drawing, picture mold, drawing, specifications (All 12 times: 3 months) and design + make-up course making original bags and original bags designed with design courses24 times: 6 months)2 courses. Lesson costs are below and the dedicated page will be UP on the coming official web.

Design Course: 60,000 yen (excluding tax) /Design + Making Course: 120,000 yen (excluding tax)

The roadside flagship store since Shibuya-ku JinguMaison Paradiddle. Everybody will come to a new concept store that will be born through changes in the times! !

Maison ParadIddle

April 15, 2021 OPEN!

Address: 〒 130-0014 Sumida Ward Kamezawa 1-1-9 Maison Paradiddle

Tel: 03-6659-6616

Business Date: Weekday

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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