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Last week, we held an exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka last week. It is an exhibition for the first time in a year due to the influence of corona. Thank you very much for visiting the infected person in the third wave of Corona.

Summer_2021 is a theme of "CREATE A NEW NORMAL", a list pouch or arm case launched on the front of the wearable, and an apron and easy capaboo from the category of "Joggers and Walkers", an apron and easy for "Stay Home" The venue was filled with a number of items that created a new style, such as a camera bag that claimed "Stay Positive" at Tote, Corona.

Among these new items, the bag ratio has been extremely reduced, and instead of the Irony Tee, Windbreaker, and aparel items such as aparons will appear, it did not think about one year ago. Going forward, we will continue to proactively advance to that area, and you want to expect because apparel designer companions and new plans are also in progress.

Under such circumstances, in my heart somewhere "I can't get a well-known"I felt it.

Of course we have "CREATE A NEW NORMAL" the theme, so it is natural that the new work consists of items in new areas. They have definitely reflect my strong will and I am satisfied with each new quality. The time taken to the production of the new work has also passed without pulling out at all, and it is fun to be a sense of exciting until the new work release is released.

But still I felt "I can't get a well-known".But I did not take such time so far until the identity of "I can't get a known body" was solved.

When the new sample production is almost ended, the production of Kawano's 70th Anniversary model of the Neighbor Selected Shop of Shinjuku has come.From Mr. Uno, a bayer of Kawano70th Anniversary ModelI was asked to produce it with a backpack. ThereforeI decided to reprint the 3D model of Pack1 to the 70th anniversary model.

The 3D model of Pack1 was releasedAW2015-16 Season, 5 years ago from now. It is a model that combines the craft and mode that the part of Pack1's cocoon repeatedly and sewing is repeated to 3D. I wanted to make Pack1, an icon in Katsuyukikodama Icon, and I thought that it was quite exciting to modify that 3D model for 2020 years, and I thought it was quite exciting.

When you try to enter 3D model sewing after the modification content is decided,The exhibition of "CREATE A New Normal" of Summer_2021 has begun. Kawano'sUno buyer came to the first day of the exhibition, but now there is no inventory where it is expanded anywhereDENSITY MANIA Series's First GenerationWhen I showed a sample of Pack2 and Pack4, I ordered a quick attack, and I was suddenly told that Kawano's sleeping name model has been restored.

Speaking of which the Density Mania series second generation Pack1_M, Pack5, Pack6, Pack1, Pack5, Pack5, Started in Shinjuku's DENSITY MANIA series, the DENSITY MANIA series second generation Pack1_M, PACK5, PACK6 is windy, and production is not going to Pack2, Pack4 2 models were now faded out and have reached the present. I have never seen the first generation, and the eyes of Uno buyer, they appeared to be a huge fresh.

When I saw the old model quick order, I felt that only one air hole was opened in the high and thick walls who had been standing in front of me.

And when the Tokyo exhibition is overPack1_3D The sewing of the model reprinted version was trying to reach a great place.At the time of reprint, the pattern and leather parts used were almost almost changed to the time of that time, and they faithfully reproduced the original, but the Pyramid Tronka of Ramponni Stadds in Italy in the 3D Country Room Depression at the final finish stage Multiple draft, and to the end of the last zipperpler, I hit the studs. Those3DAt the same time as the existence of the model and the sense of superiority are further enhanced,The special feeling of the 70th anniversary model was briskly emitted with the light and "appearance" was completed.

The moment when I saw the completed Pack1_3D model reprint version, the hole of the high and thick walls was decided and the identity of "I can't know the unknown body" which had covered my heart.

Its identity is a disadvantage that it is a place to create a new style and forgetting to create a new style, and it was an advice to yourself who was forgotten. The driving power from KATSUYUKIKODAMA will definitely reach the DENSITY MANIA series, and the creation of new Density Mania will be backed back to the origin and the creation of new DENSITY MANIA will be now = the mission that I have been given by me. And that is just that "Create A New Normal-Create a new style".

Kawano's 70th Anniversary Model Pack1_3D Model Reprinted version of the model reprinted version was guided to the origin. I felt like a sunny heart. immediately"DENSITY MANIA forLet's start the production of New Normal.

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