Hey, Mr. GENIUS!

The first meeting of a new expert conference "new coronavirus infection countermeasures section" replaced by expert conferences on government's new coronavirus was opened in Tokyo the other day. inside that,The event of the event of the event was kept acknowledged from the 10th to 5,000, which mitigates the upper limit of the number of participants to 5,000 people.

The event is currently, within 50% of the container's accommodation, and if you take enough intervals outdoors, 1000 people can be held at the upper limit, but after 10 days, the content will spread to 5,000 people after 10 days.In Tokyo, in Tokyo, even though the infection is thought to be re-expanded, guidance was shown again that economic activity was not stopped while coexisting with corona.

Pro sports, exhibitions, concerts, etc.The holding restriction will be relieved stepwise, and it was a little bit more forward than April and May that did not work at all. Whether you're finally! "Do you think" it's finally! " It is also true. I am an individual,Also in the sense of supporting the event entertainment industry,The step-by-step relaxation of the event of the event is very welcome.

I plan to participate, and there are a lot of event entertainment that has been postponed or canceled by Corona. In the business, the PROJECT TOKYO of the American joint exhibition scheduled to be held in Shibuya in March, the coupling exhibition of Diet Butcher Slim Skin in Aoyama in April, in April Saitama Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture Bouldering Lead Japan Cup, ANTHEM 35th Aniversary Tour Prologue 2 performances on the front door in May. Some of these events will be revived towards autumn, but there are things that will be discontinued and they are really disappointing, and they are very worried if they think of their loss.

When is the event where many people gather as in front of Corona? It will be fine next year. No, this few years may be impossible. I already want to carry out various infection prevention measures, and I would like to actively carry a foot for events and entertainment that can be held in the future while removing various infection prevention measures while the speculation is flying around the future forever, and it may be held in the future. think.

Like the event entertainment industry, even in the fashion industry in the place of our activities recently,Corona has not been rare to reduce or lose some work. Until now, IT bubble collapse in the first half of the 2000s and Lehman shock in 2008, and the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 was also suspicious, but it was not affecting its work there. I was. But this time, the situation is dramatically different from this time. I really have lost my work.

Holding mortgages and educational loansOur generation of workerPredicting the case where the decrease in income and the case of the worst caseI had to always think of hedges,From the early 90's bubble collapse, over 30 yearsThe stagnation of the economy isOur warning has been mahi and has made it into accustomed. Even if the economy does not increase, there is a certain job and the income is stable and stable, and the lukewarm water was boiled in an incompetent state and rolled off. However, the crisis came in a blink in Corona.

I'm getting up at the same time in the whole worldCorona Shock has been relieved with the "Stem" of our fashion business that has survived while being benefited from globalism. In Europe and the United States, sales decreased due to a rock-down with coronaLong-established department stores and select shops,Apparel makerBankruptcy Domino has occurred, and long-established major aparels were successful in Japan.

In Corona, the government and the local government will make it more affected by the riverboard (supply side) of the supply chain by the request for self-restraint and closed.Even if you open the store, it will not come out with a self-restraint,Customers can not open the store at a reservation request to come? If the retail store stops, there is no work of the brand (manufacturer) that you want there,Brand (manufacturer)The material supplier who stopped ordering is forced to stop the operation. It is a backflow of a big river called a supply chain. We have decided to put yourself in no time under the harsh situation, "I do not want to work even if you want to work even if you want to work even if you want to work even in many economic shocks that have happened so far. Is.

There are many fashion brand managers and freelance designers around me. Recently, the night dinner with the fellow who finally has been restored, but the current situation is active while receiving the influence of corona, including three people and me.

It will be a corona, but a new creation that can be sympathized with the customer is a person who has been out of one after another, and even if you talk together, the vitality is sharing and fun. However, it is quite easy to find in the pastThe future can not be drawn, and the work is also reduced and rotted, and if it is rotted, it is likely to be sucked into a negative whirlpool and sake is not good.

Everybody has just built an hourly in each area, but it is a lukewarm water before corona = at a time. If you could be different from people, everyone has left some of the results,I did not notice that the hit work came out by the "Magura" and I was able to be a single-end designer. But as not yet, in an instant in an instant, in the environment where other things are prioritized more than fashion, it has to be compatible with bold ideas and the depth of the creatation of that person , The ability of the designer itself is tried simultaneously. Now it's just a "Sengoku world".

Corona is an unknown enemy that comes to us equal to us without anyone. It is not a case that you are aware of the enemy, and it is not a case in the past results. It is a corona that has a horrible power that is less than insect or less if you try to make it as a conicalist in the designer pride, and it is now a corona that we have faced. The past abandoned and challenges the future with a new idea!In order to be able to float after corona and corona,I will write it now with my own command.

In 2020I never forgetIt will be deeply inscribed in our hearts as a year that the world of Warring States began.

Hey, Mr. GENIUS! Can you change yourself?

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