"KK Masca Reid for Summer" and "Irony Tee" Release

Mask for All Season on May 3-KK Mascaeid and then 2 months.Infection of new coronavirus expanded,The season moves in the early summer from the rainy seasonWe will continue to releaseSummer mask ~KK Maschareid for SummerThe improvement of material choice and sewing method has been continued.

First of all, the designer industry was immersed in mask production and its productionI felt the social responsibility as a member of the sewing industry and manufacturing industry.While the whole of the world is covered with anxious air,Masking itself is positive and cool, and claims to be dressed, and it claims individuality, and the mask will open and give a room at the same time as the mask will open our mind. Under such convictions, the magnificent theme of fusion of fashion and infection measures is also partialKATSUYUKIKODAMA mask = KK Mascaeide is developedwas born.

Summer mask ~KK Masquerade for Summer,Breathable waterproof coating with two functions of "special coating resin" which prevents water from outside and "special ceramic" which emits sweating vapor quickly ~ISOFIX SUPER COTE Polyester adopts.Sports specifications are highly functional and comfortable wearing, and the rainy season and the hottest material is also suitable for the coming season.

However, this thin polyester materialSewing is similar to the sewing of leather products that we have ever done so far. Even if it is made of nylon or polyester, even if it is a fabric such as cotton,Strength is required for the dough of bags with many heavy things, and mustProcess the back surface with urethane or acrylic. In order to carry out the backing, the fabric with a slightly lost dough = hard fabric so far we have not dealt with.

In addition, summer masks can not use bonds, glue and double-sided tape that are frequently used in leather products because thin fabrics are directly on the skin. Production must be completed by "sewing" only because it can not work "stick". Although it is natural in the world of sewing of apparel, it is a natural thing, but do not "stick" the thin soft fabric that is not backed by the sewing of leather products "It is to complete the product by only sewingI have never experienced it at all. So I continued to encounter unknown from the production stage of the sample.

However, these problems were immediately solved by finding rock sewing machines and ironing operations. Clothes alwaysNot backingThe edge of the fabric is sewed and stopped with a lock sewing machine to use a fabric. Our factory does not produce clothes, so there are no lock sewing machines, but found that the Ladies apparel team of the group is owned by the Ladies apparel team. A few days were mastered while asking for sewing machines and troubleshooting.

In order to put the pleats of the mask, it was not a bond or glue that has been used in leather products, but an iron cessation was effective.Even if you do not use bonds and glueSince the fabric itself is soft, it is easy to get rid of iron. If you get caught, sew and sew at once. This two work, which does not exist in the production of leaving the leaving and ironing work with rock sewing machine, and we raised several tens of our sewing technology stage.

While trying to get over a fewer walls, the KK Mascaeid series, which has been dealt with at the same time at the same time, more than 3,000 production of production was over 2 months after release. We were specializing in leather products, and we produced masks of fabric, and the scope of sewing defense range and design attack range will be spread simultaneously. Corona changes our live art and has changed the idea that the concept of the previous concept = leather product bag and peripheral goods are designed.

KK Mascalaide = as a fashion starting from the maskInfectious disease countermeasure items areMask Case, Neck Gator, T-shirt, Eco Bag,Jogger capEtc, design has been designed at once and will be commercialized. In the "new lifestyle", such as remote work and social distances, it is necessary to have a need to be needed to be necessary to hesitate to hesitate to hesitate.

Among them, of course, my favorite bag = especially leather bags and accessories are also scheduled to create one after another, and they have written in this blog from a little while agoIn KK_EC SHOPNewly openWithin the content of "Joggers & Walkers"Working has been ongoing by releasing this weekend immediately.

This time in Joggers & WalkersThe first T-shirt is the release as Katsuyukikodama Praradiddle.

Katsuyukikodama was a place to raise a pattern as a T-shirt, sweat, and pants that domestic development started. However, at that time, I just put only the pattern production cost without making a sample, without coming and it was not coming, and I stopped making it on the way.

Why not come with the pin, even if you have made a beautiful pattern, who does not just print the brand logo somewhere in the front body Who buys a T-shirt or Sweat? Because I wondered what. Since the backpack, which started with Pack1, was sold around the world with the momentum that dropped the birds, so it's not so easy to sour it, even if you make clothes with it and make clothes with Nori, this world is not so sweet. So I stopped going to the apparel field at that time.

But it is corona.

Due to this Korona's influence, our "Place of Announcement" was lost such as individual exhibitions and joint exhibitions. From the second half of April to May, the government was temporarily gone and "sales place" was temporarily lost. The people's outfashion self-drilling selfishness, fashion is unnecessary, and it became an item that has no effect on life without having to newly made a new bag.

In the new Corona, our own worklife style is what happens, the fashion brand itself, and the fashion industry would be concerned about what to do in the future, and the brand sales decrease It was also a reality that it is not easy to secure the income itself.

The way of infection of new coronavirus and the way of life until vaccine and therapeutic agents can be produced, it is fully known that anyone who live in the present age is unprecedented and unknown. HoweverMy heart was always Moyamiya, as a result of the government's corona measures during this time.

Correspondence of successive afterwards in the Diamond Princess of February, Sominarchei, high school elementary and junior high school, high schoolCloth mask distribution for households was announcedAberno mask, 1,000 yen per national company from 1,000 yen to specific householdsBudget proposal recombinationI was going to go to the rise of the current administration of the current administration of the current administration that was not Kiri, such as the twist and turned twists and turns of the changed cash, and I went to the Shun and the buttocks.

Furthermore, I went to the Cabinet decision of Mr. Kurokawa, which was the Tokyo high inspection prospect, and the decision on the "# Provision of the Proxy Agency Law Revise Protection" which has spread to a celebrity from a general person from the general person, and the bet of Mr. Kurokawa. Resignation not by Mahjong,It is an incidental parliamentary member by suspicion of violation (acquired)The first condition of the National Minister of Masae Kawai and the Conduct of the Treatment of the Writing and Womings, the first state of the National History of Meitaka, and the current administrative right to spout in Corona is a duty.

Activities of collective self-defense rights,The people who did not feel familiar with the suspicion that come out one after another, such as the events of the Meeting of the Claws, such as the events of the Meeting of the Cherryard, etc. Of a number of failures of new coronavirus infection measures, and the incoming composition of continuing continuity benefit business, which has become exposed is decided, and the government's superiority is finally connected to their own lives. Noticed. Do not leave this. You have to change the era to the machine. We had to think of a politician choice who entrusts our future.

I have always been pushing a vote for elections from 20 to the current from the age of 20 who got the election right. Because I was interested in politics since I was in elementary school, the administration of the timeAll rightI have been monitoring for a long time, and I'm going to do so from now on. But at the same time, there were too many people who are not interested in politics including our generations including our generations. I'm going to election but there are too many people who say indifferent to politics.

Madonna whirlwind and recruitment of the former consumption tax introduction · · Koizumi theater in the case of the opposition in the party is sent to the opposition in the party private parties, and the new front city governor election (pond) Yuriko Green, etc. If you look at politics a little bit of politics that will be popular to the public, and if you are scolded by the so-called populism, even if the election is over, there is no interest in politics. I have been full of people so far.

That's right now at the time of change. So I thought that I would express the satire of many events that are happening at this corona, IRONY (Ironie: anti-buttergeal and satire) as an apparel item. A variety of things are still awake are a great opportunity. As a result, we will drive the interests of many people to the current matter, and create the future by our aspirations. I was convinced that it was our responsibility to live now and I decided to create an IRONY item.

Music, movies and fashions are most suitable for expressing Irony, and you can use fashion as a medium that leaves the era itself as a medium for designer creatures. We will announce the graphics and messages that expressed things as IRONY, and will be presented to the items that we did not deal with. The first edition is "IRony Tee" scheduled to release this week.

Our life that transformed by corona was ruddered in the direction where we did not imagine, starting with the mask and the official entry into the apparel field.

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