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This year's rainy season is really rainy. In Kyushu, Oita, Kumamoto, China region and Chubu region, local heavy rainfall has occurred at a lateral rainfall and severe damage occurs. Weather forecast terms that are familiar with linear sloppy belt were used repeatedly with television and radio and became the words of common sense in no time.

The rainy season is raining in the year of the year. In the old days, the rainy sound of the rainy season is expressed as "Saar", and the East Japan said that "Sato" said. In recent years, the rainy season in Kanto is not "Saisato", but "Sazar", but the rainy season of this year, such as Kyushu, is not "Sazar", but it is not a rather than a role of the bucket. . What should I express this?

Perhaps this fall now is a feeling that the east is likely to be serious from Kanto. There was a major damage due to typhoon and intensive heavy rain due to Chiba, such as Chiba in September and October, and we have no signs of convergence at all, and we also include the cluster of recent earthquakes. What does it have to be prepared for natural disasters, and there is no waiting.

Near the three years, I was able to stock emergency mineral water, retort food, cup noodles, toilet paper, cassette bombs, etc. Every time I shop at the supermarket, I'm buying an emergency stock and I have no place to put it in my house.

But wait? ? They areTyphoon and intensive heavy rain, largeIf you can be at home such as an earthquake, you should leave it in the storage store as it is, but if you don't run out, you have to bring out minimal food and disaster goods. . At that time, a bag is always necessary. But it is usually a waterproof material that does not penetrate rain and water, rather than a backpack or a nylon shoulder of a leather that uses in private, but a waterproof material that does not penetrate the rain and water, or not to be stressed for a long movement A bag that combines the functionality and performance required in emergency.

Good is a hurry to start "Live and Survive" planning, suddenly start. At the moment, it will be commercialized early because the touch is growing in many directions while the stages of the concept. The progress of this project is expected to be allowed because it will be sent by SNS such as this blog or official institution, FB!

In Katsuyukikodama, the company's factory has been working to meet the trends sometimes. Ecological creations with a lot of sustainable items are aged."Destination" series reused the material used in KatsuyukikoDama's creationThe announcement of new is new. For not using a registration bagEco bagAlso, it has been released early and is already used for many customers. The planned plans were actively released through social responsibility as a fashion brand that protects the mother's earth.

In this Corona, it was released last weekJoggers and WalkersPlanning is finally launched. Quickly commercialized something that I felt that I was necessary in various aspects when going outJoggers and Walkers"It is an item group that corresponds to the times. This week's reservation sales started from the day to many people, and I am relieved to be relieved to be a new category as a new category.

Among them, one of our favorites is a mask pouch that contains KK Mascaide. This mask pouch has a nylon model and a polyester knit model. While approximately mandatory is almost mandatory, it is very difficult to get in use in the mask in use on the go. It is strange to put on the desk during a meal, and it is also a public etiquette that you can put in the pocket while moving? However, if you do not decide the place to enter by the bag, the possibility of eliminating the mask itself. It is also possible to get rid of it or get lost while throwing it into the bag appropriately. It became released this timeIf there is a mask pouch,It is also a good deal with such a thing.

Actually, items born from this mask pouch, KK staff 'good. Because it is a goods made while incorporating everyone's opinion, the material, size, specifications, etc. are super simple and cane catcher items that can be reached. Since the code is a long specification, it is also transformed into the charm that can be applied to the bag handle. Because it is not limited to the mask to be stored,There is no doubt that it works as a multipouch, such as eco bags, hand towels, iPhone code and AirPods.

The nylon model is a four-color development of Black Nevi Red Khaki. Polyester knit model isFour Color Development of Black Nevi Lemon Yellow Light Gray. Include either material and 1 piece 700 yen + tax to an unprecedented price zone! There are 4 color sets (2,500 yen + tax).

The first production will be shipped sequentially from 7/31. As the number is limited, if you are considering purchasing! !

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※ We schedule schedule schedule after July 31st / advance reservation sale item

Nylon Mask Pouch 1 color single item / 700 yen + tax

Nylon Mask Pouch 4 Colors Set / 2,500 yen + Tax

Polyester knit mask pouch 1 color single item / 700 yen + tax

Polyester knit mask pouch4 color set / 2,500 yen + tax





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