birth! Maison paradiddle!

February was really exciting while declaring an emergency situation.

A new sales partner's and new sales partner's and. Join the exhibition in Ebisu of the showroom, the establishment of the store and open factory integrated with the office, store and factory, etc. I feel that I got.

ThatStore & Open FactoryIs this spring on the roadside at the east side of the East line of the Sobu Line Ryokazu Station. SNS no more information on this blog, so this blog will be the first information ban.

For Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle, the direct operating road store has been opened in the Shibuya-ku, which is opened at the 2018, and since the closing store in 2019. At that time, Taito Ward Yanagi Bridge was 150 square meters office and factory, and he was turning sales and production with both Jingu and Yanagi Bridge.

But I started up the brandDirect management flagship store and factory fusion"I wanted to create a" "I was always holding that concept, so I was in the eastern part of the West side of TokyoYanagi Bridge· I was looking for a property that could be done in the Yoshitsuki.

In fact, in the west side of Tokyo and mid blackDirect management flagship store and factory fusion "However, there was no property that can not operate, but the tsubo unit price diverges with our budget, and considering the daily factory operations such as leather, dough, material procurement and delivery,Harajuku and NakameguroThe west side of Tokyo was not realistic.

After that, Taito Ward Yanagi Bridge met 150 square meters of properties. In the broadnessDirect management flagship store and factory fusion "It was enough to operate, but it was not suitable for stores because it was the second floor of the commercial center building where various manufacturing companies moved in.

Therefore, in Shibuya Ward Jingu, the office and factory were separately operated on the roadside flag carrier and Taito Ward Yanagi bridge. Then I closed the Jingumiya Advanced Store to make everything efficient, and the office and factory of Yanagi Bridge also moved and shrunk to both countries, and entered the Coo Company Limited group.

About two and a half yearsDirect management flagship store and factory fusionI had never forgotten my day. Under such circumstances, I rushed to Corona from last year. The fashion was unnecessary, the industry was cold and retailer has become a catastrophic situation.

In addition to we, the exhibition was forced to postpone, and wholesale department stores and select shops are also very painful, and the shipments of bags, our main products, were plated. Instead, last year released KK Mascaide (KK Mask) and Aniny TEE, which faces Corona for Stay and Corona.

The third wave of Corona began noisy, last year's late autumn, the JR Sobu Line near the office and the factory, the information that an empty property comes outFrom President of Coo Company Limited ownerheard. In the local area, a lot of taverns who have a lot of regular customers were to work in detail in Corona, and the store was content that the Hall has unlocked the contract with only the kitchen part.

The large size is 75 square meters. A 6-minute walk from JR Ryogoku Station, 2 minutes on foot from Oedo Line Ryogoku Station. There are many parking lots nearby. If it is temporary, cars can be blocked by stores and factories for loading of luggage.Direct management flagship store and factory fusion"A great size and location and conditions.

In the first placePresident Coo Company Limited has also managed a bag sewing factory in the past in a separate company,"Fusion of direct management flagship stores and factories" was one of the things I wanted to do. When a property close to just a few sizes in the past appeared in Kiyosumi Shirakawa and a storehouse, I went to see Mr. Kusano-san, but all the distance from the station or the structure of the building or the parking lot There was no such a contract with or without a short dishes in the band.

Mr. Kusano and us continuing to have a common feeling,A rapid change in social status by corona was vacant for the current office and a great property near the factory. finally"Direct management flagship store and factory fusion"However, the possibility of becoming reality is much.COO COMPANY LIMITEDThe property was released immediately and the entry after February 2021 is decided. After a contract, it was a dream of a limited year in the spring of 2021 with a meeting in the companyDirect management flagship store and factory fusion"" Has been opened in an unprecedented environment.

We decided to name this base as "Maison Paradiddle". This "Maison Paradiddle" consistently creates a more designer brand to create a more manifac tur, making it a more designer brand to create a more manifacture, and continue sending the worldview of our creation and production daily It is the only place where you can do.

"MAISON PARADIDDLE" isSince items can be chosen while looking at sewing at the factory, not only the proposal of styling from the KK side but also the technical power sharing with customers and technicians and requests for customization, and one original pattern order in the world Possible. Also, I was not in time to open, but I'm going to offer alcohol in the near future.

"Once A month" planning of monthly limited items (post-day details announcement)You can make a reservation at the fastest with "Maison Paradiddle". Of course the currentThe model can also be purchased, and the purchased product will be delivered from the KK delivery center to your home.

In addition, we will start a bag design personal lesson called "Personal Bag Design Lesson by Maison Paradiddle" by early summer. This lesson will announce more details on this blog next time.

We are this spring "Direct management flagship store and factory fusionAs a new base for Store & Open Factory's "Maison Paradiddle"Cut the steers into BTOC at once. It is definitely a year to commemorate the second creation of 2021. Thank you for your consideration! !

* Open day is scheduled for the end of March. We will announce this blog and various SNS as soon as the formal date and time is decided.

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