"Live and Survive" project-follow-up 2


A "Live and Survive" project that develops bags and peripheral items that combines natural disasters and the functionality and performance requirements. This time it is the second notice.


In order to be a point of view with Osaka companies with an appointment in the Live and Survive project, I reached the Osaka Loop Daisho Station. I just declared the rainy seasonWhile taking a stormy sunshine, he went to the company that has been appointed early.

Arrived at the entrance of the company that has been appointedI pulled the aluminum sliding door to the left while being tense a little.

If you enter it inside, there is a counter at the reception, and looking at the office of the back office, it is a fair address that is not a free address that does not have their seats and is a fair office environment. From the woman who responded at the reception desk, the receptionist and corona infection measures "health check sheet" was determined, and after further temperature temperature, it was promoted to wait in the nearby chair.

The building of the company from the outside is a two-storey small gymnasium, and the entrance door is small in the building, and the door is not a glass door of Kannon, but not a glass door of the Kannon. It was a sash.

It is quite different from the appearance, and while I was impressed by the interior, I waited for a while for the sales representative to come. A man who seems to be a sales representative who talked on the telephone from the back. "First time", I first greeted each other at the receptionist and greeted each other, and I was passed through the business chamber on the 2.5 floors.

Both sides of the passage to the business chamber are offices, and the desk is a placement such as the Sleepointed Star of the Benz emblem, or there is an Island desk, and there was a desk for the United States La. It looks like the office of my friend. The business chamber climbing the stairs, and the air conditioner was a strong business chamber that worked on a business chamber that worked hard.

It is the Sales Department of Sales Department, the Sales Department of High-order Relief Maintenance Co., Ltd., the telephone and the subsequent email.

This time I decided to wear a life jacket on part of the item I tried to realize in the "Live and Survive" project. It was this high-order life-saving instrument company that he hit the life torso while searching.

First of all, first, if you try to explain the "Live and Survive" project again and try to enter the business negotiation immediately, the Sales of the Sales Corporation is "Because of our president of today's president, Can you wait a little? "

President's image was seen in advance of the high-order life-and-SSD 's website, and probably president of the president as much as I was the same generation, but the president of this first business I was not listening in advance to the same time, and I was a little puzzled by an unexpected deployment. However, since the president is the same as the manager, the story may advance beforehand, so I waited for the president to come with expectations.

The president and high-order of high-ranking equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Takata) came into the business chamber. I changed business cards immediately and came to the seat again. Corona is a basic mask because it is a basic mask, so I can't see each other's expression, so I don't know if I'm smiling with each other's smile, I'm really inconvenient that I'm laughing.

Since I was talking about the weather that is about the end of the rainy season, my business talk has begun. beginningFirst of all, I would like to give an understanding of the "Live and Survive" project and said that I was grateful to the explanation time, and I'm a surprising answer from Mr. Takara.

"I own Katsuyukikodama's backpack!"

I heard that remark and I was likely to fall from a chair. Such a chance is something! ? Six years have passed since Katsuyukikodama's domestic release started in 2014, so many people are for our users, but the first in the "Live and Survive" project Is the president of the company who received the appointment of KATSUYUKIKODAMA? Is there such a chance! ?

"Thank you. Which one was purchased?" If you asked, "I was doing an event at Kasaibashi Daimaru, I bought at that time. Neoprene material backpack now. Response that it was a permanent shop on the top floor, not an event. High-order and more detailed! This conversation is this conversation. The grabbing is OK! It is a slippery.

I was carefully explained the contents that the Live and Survive project started and the item I was thinking about developing, and the item I needed to develop it carefully. The business chamber has a sample of some lifesiocum coats, and the product was placed at the product packed state, and the lifet jacket that entered the air pan bread was attached to the body.

At this point, my plan I would like to produce a lifetime aging instrument to a high-order life-saving instrument specialized, and I was going to ask and ask other companies that can be welder welded. So, along the way to a high-order life-saver, I also put an appointment call to another company. (Last blogreference)

In the first place, I do not know what kind of life torso is made, so I saw a life torso wearing a life-mounted body wearing a body decorated behind my business talk. Then I was going to fall off from the chair again!

Has a high-density nylon life jacket, what is not shaped with welder welding! ! ! Moreover, the finish of welder welding welded with a weld width of about 10 mm was beautiful without this.

"The life torso is not a sewing with a thread," I asked if I asked a question, "Yes. So the air leaks.By high frequency dielectric heatingAnswer that it is molded by welding. " "I've been looking for a moment, but I'm welded" Welder welding "." And if I continue, Mr. Takata is "I'm calling a room with air, but the chamber is We taught me that we will completely seal and create buoyancy for more than 24 hours with welder welding. "

Furthermore, it also explained that junctions with shoulder tapes for mounting rooms and body of life torso are sewing. In other words, both welder welding and sewing can be done at high-looking factory.

As mentioned earlier, IThe lifetime cohesion asked a high-order life-saving device that is specialized, and the waterproof bag part intended to find and ask other companies that can be welder welding. But at the same time high-looking companyThe story is early if both welder welding and sewing can be done!

The speed of the opportunity accelerated at once from there.

~to be continued


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