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In the previous weekend, I received an instant direct message from Jay of Americans who live in LA. From the end of August to the beginning of September, I was going to LA every year, and originally, it was planned to go to LA this year. Since we reserve apartments to stay at "" for half a year of the United States, so this year, this year was a lot of stays around January before Corona.

JaySince I live in Woodland Hills in the northwestern Hollywood, this time I was looking for apartments in Santa Monica or Maribo, not near Venice Beach, not near Marina del Rey. It's a bit far, but it was also a fresh arts district near downtown.

In fact, even in April of the emergency declaration of the emergency declaration, this year's Metail had a slight hope, but since it was 100% Ng, I dare to think about La. It is DM from Jay in that way.

"I can't go to LA this year. I hope to see you next year", "I'll find the best lock concert, so tell me the schedule to be LA!" Oh yeah, last year's long-established holeDeep Purple Live in the WilturnI took me and went to see it together.

Jay is the same generation as me, so he knows the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) well, and the guy who actually experienced metal Movement in the 80's LA with local LA what.

Moreover,Jay's one son TaylorWoodland Hills Basketball Team What and Kiss Paul Stanley Son and Team Mate!JayWas a pole and two-shot photographed images, and I was likely to fall from a chair I was eating together. Can you believe such a thing? ? ? (Lol)

There was also a teammate, and the LA performances of KISS seemed to prepare the front row ticket, and Paul Stanley made makeup in front of Jay and Taylor is "Rock and Roll All Nite "I also saw the video playing the guitar.

SuchJayI was really happy to invite a live from It depends on Corona, but as usual, next year will go to LA at the end of summer. I wish I had a good live live with LA ... I remembered that MOTLEY CRUE's Active Resume Stadium Tour.

Motley Crue declared a permanent stop of live activity with a final tour of 2015. Since then, I was solo activities in each member, but suddenlyDiscarding the tour stop contract in November and announced the first four years of activities. All members blast the tour stop contract signed at the press conference,Anyway they are like themIt was decided to come back. Moreover, the stadium tour of active resumption is a luxury joint tour with DEF Leppard and Poison.

This tour was a hot boosing that the night's 80's hard rock bands can be viewed together, but here, Corona was canceled due to Corona. But, but the band to be joined to 2021 and the band to be jointed, the scheduled schedule was published in the HP of each hand.

Which one is the LA performance of this tour? As thoughMotley Crue HPIf you look at it, what and September 421 (Sat)! ! ! Because I was planning to enter LA from September 3 (Fri) of local time, LA performances are not the next day! ? What is this just like this is! ! This is not a coincidence, not necessarily! It is just a fate.

I immediately send a DM to Jay at the end of the summer schedule at the end of the summer of next summer!, Jay "Yeah! Let's have a wonderful concert! Let's plan! ! "I returned. I replied "What A Wonderful Timing !!" and I made a DM.

Even if such timing and opportunity is absolutely not, next year will always go to LA!

Corona, really soon, can you release us from your curse?

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