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A member of "Flagbearer" was appointed in the EC wearing model.

Flagbearer isVocal AKI and Drummer's Two Piece Band. Formation, in the fall of 2019, after about a year of production period, 1st single "Hello" was released on September 6th.

AKI is 23 years old, TOMMY is a young two young people and EC wearing models, and when you try to talk differently when shooting after shooting, the evolution of the times in music production feels It was a series of

First of all, it was surprised that the song making, rehearsal, demo, and recording of recording are too different from old times. The songs are all online, and Tommy is put on the demo created by AKI, and Tommy will put in the electronic drum at home, and the guitarist and the bassist of the support members will record at home and do overdubbing .

Everyone was attracted by a session, and it is the error different from the old days that made a song while doing a training camp. There may be corona and it may not be possible to gather in the studio, but even if there is no corona, the demonstration seems to be the basic recording (home recording).

I was surprised at the guitar and bass, PC at homeUsingRecording"Line"And, "Microphone recording" to put a microphone in front of the guitar amplifier in the studio is that the level of recording is almost unusual. It is likely that the recording can be completed without going to the studio. You can work out remotely.

However, the vocal and drums are not good, and the recording is basically the basis of recording in the studio. Vocal AKI sings in a loud voice at home, so the last of the demo recorded in the studio, while the drum Tommy has recorded at home electronic drums until the demono.

A few sessions in the studio when the demo is ripe, 1st single"Hello" recording and mixdown will be held at the beginning of August in Tokyo. I,When I first listened to "Hello"I was surprised at the thickness of the sound without the gap, and I was not believed that the recording was really over.

To put out such sound thickness, if you enter the recording studio, you can enter the recording studio and record each part such as drums, leads & backing guitars, bass, vocals, chorus, and ensure that you add keyboards, sound effects, percussions, etc. A few days is the case I needed.

But now it is different from the old days. On the day of the recording, it is time to spend time only for the record of the part of the member to play, and the sound source of those parts and the synchronous sound source such as the synthesizer, sound effects, and rhythm percussions, etc. It is said that recording has been performed at a modern method. Moreover, it is not really believed that this is completed by the hands of young people who have just been 23 and 19 years old.

Since ITUNES paid "Hello" on September 6, "Hello" can listen to various subscres such as Apple Music from October 1, so please listen to this blog reader! I can not think at the debut singleThere is no doubt that it is really surprised at the high degree of completion.

Furthermore, "Hello" has been released by MV on YouTube from midnight on September 21. This MV was recorded in Kanto Sakai in the second half of August. The shooting team is a newly developed Grafica Film (grafica-film.comIn charge of supervision, shooting and editing), Mr. Nogami Tiger Taro, who is representative, is the devil of the early twenties.

It is really surprising to be able to bring this quality to this quality with the transparency of "Hello", the depth and thick acoustic, and the sharp edges that each part show sometimes show sometimes . This is like the songAKI's commitment and professional awareness,It is finished in a perfect video work without scratching.

This MV has achieved 10,000 previews in two weeks of YouTube. The results of the highly creative skills of the members and surrounding staff were shown in this way,There is no doubt that an unknown newcomer is a different number.

futureFlagbearer isIt will be called a monster who has suddenly appeared in the autumn of 2020, and I predict. MV that feels the completeness of the song itself, gloss, and the color of the color, and the song, MV itselfFrom the fact that it has appeared as a perfect band without scrubbingConsiderations, I think that the name of the monster is the most appropriate band while being newcomer. I think that it is very similar to the degree of astonishment when Guns'n Roses appears in the late 80's and Guns'n Roses as a comet.

This MV costume cooperation is collaborating with katsuyukikodama onEmade. Vocal AKIONEMADEThe full fan of ONEMADE designer mikio was used to obtain the full cooperation of the costume. In MV, support members and dancers are also unified by support members and dancers with oneMade,Flagbearer's bandIt was a factor to further sublange branding.

The world of music is an accelerating method and promotional method, and when they talk with them, and their active fashion industry is an old-fashioned fashion industry It was a series of continuous. Now that our production changes to high-tech, it is not possible to think so easily, but there is also a tohoho situation, but there is also a way to work with corona, and we have also appeared, and we will prepare and build new normal. Well, I felt strongly while working with them.

Anyway, if I work with my previous young people, I really feel good, and from now on in the world of musicFlagbearerI hope that I want you to walk a success of the success. First of all, it is a toast to Flagbearer born while shouting "Hello".


Flagbearer(Flag Bare Alla)





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