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I will last weekly, "Live and Survive(Live & Savive)"A method of forming a bag that does not penetrate rain and water is researched to advance the item of the project."live,And surviveOf this plan groupCreation and production require a reverse ideas to this, and it is a start of searching and searching if there is no clue.

Methods that do not penetrate rain and water while examining, not sewing using threads and needles,Welding by high frequency welder was found to be formed by welding. In the apparel, rainal coat and shoes are frequently used in rain shoes, and it is easy to do with tent, floating ring, household vinyl pool, etc.

There were many companies where welder processing can be processed, and people such as Kyushu, Northern Kanto, Chubu region, Tokyo, and those who seemed to get along with my research engine, they can not easily reach the appointment. Because the commercialization plan does not wait for the coming natural disaster,Live and Survive(Live & Savive)I will explain the concept of "the concept carefully from the beginning, but my thoughts were easy to transmit and felt the temperature difference easily.

of course it is. If you try from the other side, when you suddenly come out, if you try out,"live,And surviveIt is made an item that has been concept, and it is necessary to quickly heat that it is necessary to have a company's technology and contacts. There may be a company that I felt that I couldn't do anything wrong during busy sales. Even if you sent an email address and sent a remind mail of the phone content, there were a plurality of companies without a reply.

That's right, I finally got an appointment with Osaka company. If you have a sales of the company's phone, I asked for a story one month, "I have an opportunity to go to Tokyo about once a month, so I'll ask you to visit there." I turned the phone. First of all, when the wind hole was opened in the "Live and Survive" project, I broke my chest, but once a month of the sales, Tokyo business trip is one month, when I did not know, so I did not go to the feeling of the scold.

Tachi who can not be thought of, I was able to return to the company again, took a while to return to Osaka after 3 days. I went to Umeda by a limousine bus from Osaka Itami Airport, and once I stopped by Hankyu Mens Osaka and meeting our sales staff, and it was too late to have a Circular Line Taisho Station. I'm coming in Osaka for more than 25 years to work to Osaka, but this Taisho Station is the first time to get off at the station.

There are a lot of small taverns around Taisho Station that came down for the first time, and it is quite interested. Among them, there are a lot of Okinawan restaurants, and it is an atmosphere that makes you think about the Horita Bridge in Okinawa Town in Tokyo.

This area is crossed by the Canal that Kizu River and Doton Horikawa join and branch to Kizu River,Instead of many convenience stores and supermarketsThere are a lot of small factories like Iron Works. There is a canal and the port (Osaka Nanko) is nearby and the iron work center is also likely to be in Tokyo. The rainy season was finally opened and I'm taking a hot summer sunshine, while I went to the company that I got in the appointment and spouted and spouted without stopping sweat.

On the way to the company, I still called for a company that could still be welded by high frequency welder = welding. Even though the appointment is taken to Osaka, Taisho's company, it may be prepaid for azalea that is a "Live and Survive" project. Even though not so far, there may be afraid of planning at the last minute. So I can be a company or factory where welder processingCall from one endThe next week is also the next weekI have opened the appointment to put an appointment.

Anyway, if you do not meet a company that combines the combination, this "Live and Survive" project can not be embodied, so you can visit a lot of companies and find out a just fit company from them, or first It is a place where you are a lucky company who is a lucky company to visit.

There are a lot of distances from Taisho Station to the appointment company, and it takes a long time to walk, so it's just good to walk while putting a resurch phone. I was able to talk longer than the company in Northern Kanto. The person in charge was also young, and the contents of the story also understanded, but when I try to get an appointment, "Because I have never done the fashion sector, I think it is not until I met so I'm not going to meet." It was refused.

In order to combine welder processing products, various processes and final processing methods, ie "Shimaatsu", that is not easily completed, and a well-machined product that comes out to the market Is a mass production and the price is cheap. furtherMarket is already marketedRain coat, rain shoes, tent, floating ring, household vinyl pool, etc.Naturally the "Live and Survive" project is naturally opaque.

Develop such a project with this corona is quite heavy waist. It is such a reason that it was offset."Ku-ぅ, also refused". When I had a phone call, I finally arrived at the entrance of the company that was appointed. Overlooking the entire building of the company, it is like a two-story small gymnasium, and the entrance is small in the building. Moreover, the door is not a glass door Kannon, but a sash of an invisible aluminum sliding door.

I can't say anything I caught the aluminum sliding door with a tense face while I was a little bit confusing.

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