What I was looking forward to 2020 ~ final round

What I was looking forward to in 2020 is canceled or postponed one after another. Take a "lookful thing that has been fun" that is canceled or postponed in the sense of organizing in your own. This time the last round.

Return home to a family Oita: Spring of this year,Since August 2017, I was planning to return home to my home for the first time in two years.I was originally cold, but I hate it, and I was returning home, and I returned to Oita every time, and I returned to Oita every time, early spring or GW, early summer or autumn. Oita is a warm climate because it is Kyushu, but in winter, it is colder than Tokyo. There is frost or snow and falling. Compared to Tokyo's Tokyo Tokyo, Oita is a land with many soils, so the cold day shakes up to the core of the body. This year was warm winter, so it was just right to go back to March and booked a flight ticket.

However, it is Corona.

In the early February, a population infection (cluster) of new coronavirus (clusters) was generated with a diamond princess with 3711 passenger passengers, and a total of 712 patients were identified. At this time, the number of domestic infected people has not yet come out,Group infection in the diamond princess is not something that occurred in Japan, but "A luxury passenger passenger and passenger who brought foreign countries, and a cluster at a time when it happened to Japan in somewhat countries in somewhere The logic is in the corner of the heart of the heart of the vessel of the luxury vessel, just because the infection of Corona has happened.I was. The infection of new coronavirus and its expansion was a slight fear that it was limited to China and luxury vessel shipsI also thought like a fire on the other side.

So I did not think that I would cancel myself, myself, myself, I'm going to cancel myself at the beginning of February.

New Corona was first discovered on December 8 of last year in China and Wuhan, and it was first discovered on the year-end birthday, and it was often reported since infection explosion occurred in China at once at the end of the year Nevertheless, Over February our actions and minds were such a long man? Even now, I want to believe in a waker, but even if I look at my calendar's schedule and behavior history, even if I returned to the SNS around that time, it will be a negative mind in April and May since mid-March far cry.

In China and Wuhan, a huge new hospital for new corona measures in China was completed in only 10 days in SNS in JapanAn expression that is "like a prefabricate" "Forced Capacitor" and other expressions were also seen, and China's companies and materials and human resources were brought togetherEven for Chinese media that live construction work, many people feel like a lot of peopleI was involved or ridiculous.

The Prologue performances of the ANTHEM 35th Anthem 35th Anthem, a favorite band,When I think now, it is February 15 while the timing of the last minute(Sat) is done. I leaked to a ticket lottery that performance itselfIt was sold out, so I could not watch LIVE,I was naturally going to participate in the day ticket. The next week I am the movie "1917" at the timing of the last minuteI'm watching the Life Message at the theater. The theater was almost full of the academy prize.From the beginning of February to the mid-season, many people were still skeptical at the expansion of new coronavirus infections in Japan.

However, when the first infected person is confirmed in Japan on the 14th of February, and the infected person gradually increases in the second half of February, the government suddenly has a temporary junior high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-high-profile Announced a resident request. From that time, although the alert to our corona was tight, but Prime Minister Abe's Prime Minister Ashido is "Somehow" at the press conference at the press conference, "Somehow, from the low risk of infection expansion," Review to release it to ""Study in the direction to be released partially about the simultaneous school requested for elementary and junior high schools and high schoolsBecause of the announcement, the people gave a "annoying".

Take three weeks to experience for the first timeSmall, middle and high schoolI was tired of self-restraint earlier at the same time, and Prime MinisterIn the future, after the scheduled graduation ceremony, we will conduct a safety plan and come from the contents of the interview, such as "A sense of breathing was overlapped, and a person overflowed at a brief town or tourist destination.

In the city of urban in Tokyo and Osaka, in the tourist destinations such as Kyoto, also in the local park where cherry blossoms are also "outdoor, it will be okay," also overlaps the flow of people and significantly increases the flow of people. did. It is a well-known fact that infection expanded rapidly in April due to that. And the people of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics on March 24, and the people of the 29th Shimura Ken's death, finally the peopleNew typeIt became recognized that the threat of coronavirus is close to the familiar area.

The end of February was the end of February. My parents are over 75 years old, and even if I am infecting corona, I will return to my home with a virus without subjective symptoms and get rid of my parents when my parents are infected. The air ticket was crying because it is actually "I don't want to come back now".

That's right, I got a communication that the asthma of her mother's chronic illness was deteriorated at the beginning of March and I was hospitalized. It seems to be difficult to breathe late at night, transported to an emergency hospital near her father car. As a result of medical examination, it was a heart failure that comes from heart valve disease rather than asthma.

I heard that it is difficult to hear that it is Corona for a moment? But but the results of PCR test were negative and brushed down. It has been a few days after hospitalization, and from her mother came to LINE frequently. I would like to have a free time in the daytime day, and I talked well and talked well. I'm worried because I'm a relatives in the Corona countermeasures while I'm going to get a little bitter. The father has a change in clothes and goes to the hospital, but it can only go to the reception, and I can not put it in the ward. The father and brother family who can not watch the mother's face while staying nearby, it must have a teeth.

My mother has been discharged once a week, but her medical condition deteriorated again during her home care. She is in mid April and she re-hospitaled on April 28Heart valve diseasePerformed surgery. Her surgery succeeded, afterwards after two week rehabilitation, her mother was discharged from May 12th. However, she can not even go home with Corona, even if it is discharged. Her cheerful figure can be confirmed by LINE's video call, but after all I want to meet and talk. What is this Moyamiya. Are our economic and social activities limited new coronavirus to tear up to people 's bonds?

Please forgive me, corona.





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