The voting status of the presidential election is also great, and forecasts that the military was going to rise to Baiden today, it began to be flowing at many news sites. Even so, this morning (8:30 am November 6th in November 6), he forgot to close the open open mouth to the conference of the playing cards.

The American Liberalism, which has been carefully cultivated for more than 200 years, and the world's people are at the same time through the net and television.

The card isPostal liays provided for the prevention of infection of new coronaviruses are considered to be denied from "the hotbed with an unauthorized hotbed" and is considered to be invalidation of the postpotation. Postal liays seem to be warned that they lead to the voting rate of young people and minority voters with many Democratic supporters, and to reverse the election situation that can be transmitted, only "vote results of voting day" other than mail lie As a result, the ruling party / Republican and Trump supporters are calling for the Democratic Conspiracy of the Democratic Party.

In addition, since the reversal of Baiden in Michigan and Wisconsin, which was originally funded, is a "fraud", and if the spots will continue, it will be completed by Baiden, so it will cause a lawsuit to cancel the remaining fierce battle state. However, the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day, the night turned in the absence of the night every nightLet's not try to accept the reality of "red mirage" at all, and let's shout everything "fraud, unfair"Nothing is a bit of love, and I will burn the end of the tyrant that was driven to the unusual, and let me burn it into this eye as a page of history and watch the American situation now.

The American citizens who were divided into two (Republican) and the Blue (Democratic Party) have begun to riots in various places, and our longing of the country is so low levels at the low level It was a series of surprises and disciplines every time the news is flowing.

Under such circumstances, the infection of new corona in the United States is furous and expanded, and yesterday also has more than 100,000 people in one day. While the presidential election has a strange aspect, Corona has expanded the power, and it will be a new leader, and it will be a waste of playing trump and cheat childish resistance calmly, early It feels strongly that you want to make the politics to calm down and make a system to fight Corona. My favorite American prays from heart that the United States produced freedom of the United States does not deteriorate any more.

Well, in such circumstances, we decided to carry out the exhibition for the first time in one year from November 10 (Tuesday, the next week). The theme isCREATE A NEW NORMAL~ Create a new style. It is because I decided to create a completely new style that was decided as a past that was completely identified as the past, which was different from the past, "new normal".

The product of KATSUYUKIKODAMA has been a center of KATSUYUKIKODAMA, but the wallet and leather accessories were centered, but a lot of items other than bags (masks, juggler masks, irony TEE and mask pouch etc.) at Corona from early spring Some have been released, and we plan to announce many item counties on its extension.

Even though I strongly feel the social responsibilities that we have not created a new style in order, the new era has arrived at all by Corona, so flexibly, free, but in the past without being taken in the past. Impressions from the light feeling that I should have created a creation of. Various new NORMAL items that are different from date will be announced. stay tuned!

By the way, "a New Normal" in me is Apple Watch! This is too convenient and convenient! I forgot to forgot the iPhone before this, I tried to notice it on the way, but I'm a cellular model, so I don't need an iPhone! Receit me and go out as it is. Only the Apple Watch has been spent without any problems!

KatsuyukikodamaCREATE A NEW NORMAL~ Create a new style in the items that are "Create "A New Normal"!


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