Finally to the world of Apple Watch

The beginning of this month (October), "Apple Watch, Ichikuppa (about 19,800 yen) from friends. I want ..." I wanted LINE.

Speaking of which the new Apple Watch and the iPad AIR announced that the new Apple Watch and the iPad AIR were announced at the annual September Apple official event, but the announcement of the essential iPhone12 has been postponed in October , I was not very interested in the event itself. But from my friendApple WatchIn communication of "Ichikuppa", after a long time, the Apple Official WebI tried to open the Apple Watch page

Anyway, the newly released Apple Watch this time is Series6 and SE, and the OS was updated to Watch OS 7? Also newlyWhether you have new Apple Watch is new to the web page for a couple of times you do not know well.

As the "Ichikuppa" model, who was saying a friend, says "Ichikuppa" model, as a result of reading back a page, SERIES 3 is a long time with the timing of the new work, and the past model of the pastSeries 3However, I knew that I became easier to buy.

After the Apple Watch is released in the spring of 2015, it will be about several times, but it will not be purchased until now, but it is not a prize problem, not a matter of price? The biggest reason is.

I always carry iPhone, and iPad also has one AIR of PRO and cellular model of WiFi model. Office desk works with 27-inch iMac, and at home spend leisure time with 21-inch iMac. My lifestyle is filled with almost Apple.

You can buy Apple Watch as a taste product, but the watch as a taste item has already already has. Moreover, I am a unlucky bastard that did not recognize only a mechanical watch as a watch. Even though the quartz for replacing the battery was completely negated as a watch for every few years, it is a children's toy that is similar to the clock that must be charged every day as well as the iPhone! I concluded myself, and I felt away from Apple Watch year by year.

New Apple Watch ContentEven if you look at it as a street and know the functions and specs, the feeling that I wanted now has not reached the boiling point, soApple Watch Purchase Plan againSealed once. If you happen to be close to the Apple Store, you may look at the real thing for a moment ... at that time there was no such feeling.

A few days later, I was going to eat with the Sales staff of KatsuyukikoDama Osaka. The shop is a fashionable salmon of Shinsaibashi. When I was attached to the shop, I have only come to Matsubara-kun of KK Daimaru Shinsaibashi store, so I toast with two people with two people. If you look at the hand of Matsubara-kun, you're doing a new Apple Watch! !

I am "Oh!Apple Watch! It is quick to be coolWhen reacted,Apple Watch, thank you! "WhenJoyfulMatsubara-kun. Oh, I wonder if there is a user of Apple Watch so closely!

Hiyabe Matsubara-kun may have the answer to solve "I really need", which is a qualifying of life for my Apple Watch! It may be a really simple thing, but it may not be aware of that simple thing. The good product is the best to ask the user, and it was just a truth, and I asked for a quick shit Matsubara-kun.

"Hey,What to Apple WatchIs it good? IApple WatchI really wantTry a presentation! "

And if I encourage it, Matsubara-kun was confident and answered.

Apple WatchI will measure sleep time. I will analyze the quality of sleep! ! ! "

eh? ? Wildness? ? ? What's wrong. This is a presentation close to zeros as far as the red point, and I returned to the feeling of "I'm not going to have an Apple Watch after all." While looking at Matsubara-kun's Doya face, I asked if the partner I asked was bad and I ferzzled.

Since all the staff gathered, all the staff gathered, so toasting it with beer again. Since Mr. Aoki, president of the company that KK outsourced sales in Osaka was also Apple Watch, Mr. Aoki is expected to be able to eliminate the suspicion of my souls and asks the same question as Matsubara-kun I tried to.

Then Mr. Aoki is "No ~ ~ useful. You can see that email or LINE came with your arms, and you can also check the contents. Of course you can also call." The "Like" of the Insta and the news app will also come , Disaster prevention forecasts will come. Answer that it is easy to get an iPhone from one of the bags. " Is the theater that the dependence on the iPhone has been reduced? As expected, the president, Matsubara-kun's presentation is the moon and the moon w.

"That's what you're wearing a notification center," I say, "Oh, that's right, that's right. LINE Something isEven if you check the contents in the notification of Apple Watch, you can use "read" if you actually open the app, so you can use it in some cases. "And Aoki.

Well, it is convenient that certain contents can be confirmed even in situations where LINE can not be returned immediately, and it does not cause uncomfortable because it does not have a read through even with the other party. This may be pretty attractive. Yoshiyoshi, I fell to the bottom of the valley for a moment with Matsubara-kun's presentation, but with Aoki-san, it feels a fresh feeling that I ran up to the top of the mountain at a stretch.

It will be considerable by the person of Sales. It is impossible to open the iPhone screen in front of the customer during customer service,If you're Apple Watch, you can easily find the notifications in ChiraYou can check it.

But my job type is not sales. Notifications from each app are flowing more and more from the IMAC of the office, the iPad during movement, and daily iPhone notification center. Moreover, even when sleeping, the iPhone is in the bedside and it will bring it to the bathroom. There is no one that Apple devices are not around 24 hours completely.

When I tell you to Aoki, "Unlike our sales jobs, notifications can always be confirmed by the office worker, but it can always be confirmed. A ~,If thatYou may not need Apple Watch, and there is an answer.Hey Aoki-san, I guess it's not. Even though I finally fallen a little more, I wanted to have a single push from Mr. Aoki, Sales Genius (crying).

The day after the drinking party,I went to Apple Store immediately. If you happen to be close to nearby, you can see the real thing for a moment ... While thinking ..., even though I thought, I was really worried about the new Apple Watch and I couldn't help it.

Apple StorenewThere are many visors who have been released and have not been able to enter the number of visitors as well as the Apple Watch.To the iPhone with the staff at the entranceEnter admission reservation on the spot. If you leave it at about 15 minutes by infection measures, the man's staff in charge came to me if you entered after it is said.

The staff guided me to the table to which "you are looking for Apple Watch". When making a reservation at the entrance, I checked Apple Watch in the entry field of the store, so the entrance of the story with the staff is really smooth.

I was interested in SE from Series 6 in advance research, so if I tell the staff, immediatelyI brought the Apple Watch SE's actual thing. If you look at the real thing, after all the form is too beautiful. The quality of the shape and painting without any step is also inherited the audio logid of the Apple product.

Series 6 and SEThere are 44 mm and 40 mm. I felt 44mm because I liked 42mm at SERIES1 that Apple Watch was originally released, so I thought it was too big and I first put it at 40mm.

It's too small and it's too big and it's quite an exquisite size ~ If you think, the staff also showed your own Apple Watch, "I'm adding 40 mm." Men was slender and the face is small, and it was a very young man now, so 40 mm was perfectly good.

Subsequently, I tried to attach 44 mm. I'm not big enough to think. Apple Watch looks smaller than the actual size because the edge is not an acute angle but a curve. Since it is 44 mm, of course, the character is also easy because the screen is larger than 40 mm.

Since I'm getting terrible year by year, I can't read the flash, I can't read the character, and I'm looking for a single word and "Letters can be made bigger." Even iPhone, letters are small and bigger. of course it is! It is only 44mm or 40mm after the problem. As a result of changing 44 mm and 40 mm several times, my arms were 44 mm fit.

Next is the color of the case. It is available to the SE case only with aluminum, and the color is space gray and three colors of silver and gold. Of course space gray is your favorite. SERIES 6 is a case of titanium, stain, aluminum, and it is fun to spread the type and color of paint and the choice at once.

Last band. There are many types of bands, such as silicon sportsband, mesh, leather and stainless steel, but I am only a sports band. And the color is black. If it was an old-fashioned, I used to wear black setup, but I wanted to add a stainless steel graphite Milanese, but I would like to add a casual dress with a street.

The size of the Apple Watch SE is 44mm, the case color is space gray, and the band is decided in the black of the sports band. Communication function is a cellular model that is sensitive to convenience with iPad. At the same time, a successor model of Airpods who has been charged to the Lounge of Charles Dogore Airport in ParisAirpodsPRO also ordered and left Apple Store with 10 minutes for your stay time.

Hmm? ? ? Hey, I was wondering if I could buy that muchApple Watch,Buy fast! When I was lost, I was actually wanted and I couldn't help it! ?

Apple storeIf you happen to be nearby,You can look at the real thing for a moment ...... What is the case of a cool pawn, I'm from the beginningApple WatchIt may have been an attentive to buy. In fact, I think there was no choice that I did not buy it when I entered the Apple Store www.

The LINE of "Ichikuppa" from friends just became a kicking for Apple Watch purchases. It was just a good timing. It is important to timing in life. So let's keep up with your Apple Watch with full.

I'm sorry to let you present Apple Watch in Kotatsu, Matsubara-san, Matsubara-kun, Shinsaibashi. If you think now, what will the presentation content will be from the beginningApple WatchI think I was going to buy it.

When I convey to Matsubara-kun, I was returned "This drinking party announced the impression and presentation that Kodama tried to use Apple Watch". Yes, so (laughs).

Well, 2 weeks since I get Apple Watch to Apple all ruled.

Speaking of which, last week, when I drank the former Diet Butcher Slim Skin's serious name: Tami-chan, I just showed the Apple Watch I bought, but from Tami-chan "Tell me if it's good for Apple Watch" It was said that it became a function while being said to be Sidoro Modoro and presented. This is quite difficult. From Tami-chan, "I can't feel like buying only with the presentation." I understand the feelings of Matsubara-kun and Aoki in Shinsaibashi.

The conclusion that came out there.

I removed the mechanical watch now, I will argue with a clean heart. I only know the goodness of Apple Watch! My affirmation only because I tried to put it!

"I have to be Apple Watch."

Tami-chan, Aoki, Matsubara-kun, this is the shortest, most suitable presentation! !

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