One year in one year


This weekend, he returned home for the first time in one year.

She also eats with a junior high school friend's friend, or go to a hot spring to the Stone Buddha of Usuki, or go to a hot spring, go to a Kuzu no Winery, and enjoy Oita in a 2-day stay. I was.

Her home of his home, I went to West Cold Passenger of God Saturday and Sunday.

In February 2010, who returned to a home in a consultation of launched a company, I was an age of the precedence in the past of the preceding day, and I made a mistake in a western cold shrine. Since then, we are always going to visit the West cold shrine in good luck, good luck prayer.

This West cold shrine is quite well maintained compared to the age of time, and every time you follow the year, it feels that you are getting well and become more and more severe power spots.

When I was a little, West cold shrine plays baseball at the side of our play, and I was swimming in the South River in the back forest, swimming in the South River flowing down, and I was not irritated by the memories. It is an important place. And it is also a really favorite place.

When I and PARADIDDLE LAB is featured in the local Oita joint newspaper, it is at West Casu ShrineAll year bridgesI was asked by the image of whyAll year bridgesWhen I asked for the publication of, the origin of "beauty" in the center of my design isAll year bridgesBecause I felt strongly from a few years ago.

All year bridgesArch is really beautiful. I have been in contact with the "curvature beauty" every day. casuallyAll year bridgesCrossAll year bridgesFishing underAll year bridgesView from a distance,All year bridgesThe beauty of the beauty was rubbed every day every day. It does not seem to be unaffected that there was no affecting my creation.

ThatAll year bridgesAnd in addition to West cold shrines, it is clear that the clear air and deep green and the South River, and my creativity and sensibility are definitely fostered in the wonderful environment of the hometown.

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