A serious game ahead / Beyond the serious match


I was going to go to the next day performances of Dream Theater. 2nd Album "Images & Words" 25th Anniversary "Album Complete Reproduction + α" is a tour of the tour of the tour.

"Images & Words" released in 1992 was the end of the LA metal movement, and in Japan, Jaeman Metal Metal, and the main stage of the Grange in the main country.

At that time, I was tilting to jereman metal, and I was bought fishing with a sense of lyrical melody that is represented by Helloween's "Eagle Fly Free" (← X JAPAN "" red "song like" ← " .

Under such circumstances, Progressive Heavy Metal, with a member who graduated from Boston's prestigious Berkley Conservatory, has begun to make noise in each music magazine. The group was DREAM Theater, but the evaluation of each music magazine at that time is also very good, and in the Metal Special Magazine's "BURRN", he scored 96 points of Hirose Editor's owner, and I can not wait for the release I have stored.

In fact, I am surprised to hear the released album! Sex Drack Rock-Roll LA Metal, Merason Two-Bass and Hitomous Vocals, and Twin Guitar Hammot, who has been listening so far, Jaman & European Metal separately from Jaman & European Metal, a professional, professional, progressive Heavy · I was overwhelmed by metal, and I felt that it became a raceway masterpiece.

At that time, I was still hitting the drum at the active duty, so I thought that the more and horrible fireless and horrific figures of Mark Port Nei would have been hitting, however, I heard it several times.

There is no Youtube, so I can't watch the appearance that I'm beating, I'm really hitting this? Maybe it is a drum machine? Sometimes I doubt. On the following year, 3rd 'awake' is released, but the performance power is a circle and is increasing to be tremendous, and I will face the technical power that does not add too much and its musicality. The stomach was hungry and vice versa.

Complete through from "A Change of Seasons" released in 1995. It runs on a relaxed rock such as Southern Lock and Country Rock, and returned to Japan Metal and LA Metal, and I continued to go back to Dream Theater that I went back to Dream Theater. .

I happened to take a long time since I saw "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory". After a long time, I woke up my head after a long time when I saw "Overture 1928". At the same time, I felt my melaimer that the smoke smoke of Dream Theater revival was rising. I went to buy an album soon and shrew at the brand exhibition that I belonged to that time. We bought past albums for each exhibition every season and listened to daily commuting.

Oh, I have left Dream Theater for this 15 years?

While facing each album and sitting sitting while sitting, the figure is a place for a samurai or regret? It was last year for the current Dream Theater last year, and the time taken to fill in the 15-year-old day. Meanwhile I heard Dream Theater every day.

In 2012, in the "a Dramatic Turn of Events" tour, I came to Japan in Loud Park 2014 in 2014, but I can not participate in the middle of the halfway if I can not participate in halfway. From 1995 to 2009, it was done in the live (aka: a cheating period), and when the Legendy Budokan Live, who has been made CD & DVD, then, of course there is a large stain that you have not participated in the war I thought every day I was not clear.

And I caught up with Dream Theater, finally, finally, the news of visiting the exhibition was decided!

Moreover, the tour is not a tour associated with the concept album "The Astonishing" announced in 2016, but the 2nd album "Images & Words" 25th Anniversary "Album Complete Reproduction + α".

It's strange and I'm a full reproduction live of "Images & Words" that I first met the DREAM Theater and the first time I met. After 25 years, there are 15 years of blank period (a different name: cheating period), and it will be a live battle with full.

Yesterday's Proboxing WBC World Bantam Level Matched Matching Matching Matching VS Lewis Neri Match, Masumi Match, My Creation, Season Every Season Every Season Every Season, PARADIDLE LAB bag production is also a serious match. People who watched it at the front of the serious match of serious marks, and the high satisfaction of those who have it are born.

Yes, I really face the serious game to repeat Dream Theater every time. I'm already immunized, so I will never be for hazards. In other words, there is no more flirt.

Dream Theater, let's meet in September! First of all, nice to meet you.

I 'M Going To Dream Theater's Concert in Japan for the First Time in Three Years. IT IS A Part of their Tour in Tokyo for their 25th Anniversary with their Original Second Album "Images & Words" + α.

"Images & Words" Released in 1992 Was in the late la Metal Movement. In Japan There Was A German Metal Wave, In The U.S. There Was A beginning of Grange trend.

I WAS Very Into German Metal When I WAS A College Student. I WAS Buying Around European Metals with Speedy and Lyrical Sounds Like HelloWeen's "Eagle Fly Free" (Like X JAPAN).

At such time, the progressive metal born from a band in Berklee College of Music in Boston made a lot of noise. The band was the DREAM THEATER. At that time they had high reputations from many music magazines. The chief editor, Mr.Hirose , OF the METAL MUSIC MAGAZINE "BURRN" GAVE A Highest Score, 96 Points. I REMEMBER THAT I COULDN'T WAIT OF THEIR THE RELEASE OF THEIR CD.

Actually they made me amazed a lot! I felt this album would be a masterpiece because it was so different from the ones I was listening to before like LA metal with sex, drugs, Rock'n'Roll, or German and European metal with the Harmony of Twin Guitars. Their Sound Was More Professional, Progressive, and Technical.

I WAS Still Playing The Drums, So I Was Very Curious ABOUT MIKE PORTNOY's Accurate and Countless Fill and the Modulated Rhythm. I Repeated Listening to IT Many Times.

There were no YouTube that time, so it was difficult to see hin playing. I was wondering “Is he really playing it? Or is it a drum machine?” The next year, their 3trh album, “Awake” was released and his skills had been improved even than before. It was a too big improvement, which kept off anybody. I actually was going to be a little fed up with it.

From “A Change of Seasons” released in 1995, I haven’t paid attention to them at all. At last I came back to DREAM THEATER in 2010 after having seen Southern Rock, Country Rock, Relaxing Rock, Japan Metal, and LA Metal.

When I happed to watch "Overture 1928" from an album “Metropolis Pt. 2 : Scenes From A Memory”, my brain was smashed. I felt the return of DREAM THEATER in my body and went to buy it right away. I played it in the exhibition that I was taking care of. Then I bought their albums in order and listened to it everyday. Why did I leave them for these 15 years?

Facing their albums is like a Samurai or confessions. I finally caught up with current DREAM THEATER last year and I took me six years to fill up the brank listening to their albums everyday.

They came to Japan for some tours like “A Dramatic Turn of Events” in 2014 and LOUD PARK 2014, but I did not go. Needless to say ,I didn’t go to the legendary concert in Budokan Tokyo, which was one of the tours from 1995 to 2009 in my blank period (a.k.a, cheating period). Everyday I was thinking about wiping away the disgrace that I did not go to see them.

And finally after having waited so long, the news of their come back jumped in! Moreover, it is for their 25th anniversary with their original second album +α, not for the concept album “The Astonishing” released in 2016.

By a curious coincidence, it is a complete re-concert of “Images & Words” that was my first encounter with them… After their 25 years with my 15 blank-years, I finally can join the concert for my first time.

The serious match of yesterday’s pro boxing, the serious match of my creation for every season, the serious match of our bag production in PARADIDDLE LAB… Beyond the serious match, you will have a great satisfaction.

Yes, so I always face the serious match of DREAM THEATER every time earnestly. I will never be fed up with them any more because I have got immured. Which means my heart will never go away from them.

DREAM THEATER, I’ll see you in September! Yes, first of all, it will be nice to meet you.

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