LA late summer SUMMER IN LA


I came back from LA.

Every year I'm going to LA at the first week of September, but it is a great place to feed the spirit for 10 days in the Calached air that is LA.

I got used to the lives by car and I remember quite a lot. Because it is a new city of the United States, the road is arranged like a grid eye because it is a new city for LA. The raceway of the road displayed in the east West North North is also puzzled at first, but if you get used to it, it is quite intuitive and easy to understand.

Buy at the supermarket also makes a member's card, so you can buy it at the same price as locals. If there is no member's card, the 2 or 30% value is different. Also for receipts, "members of the members have gained $ ○ ○ today". At first I was surprised, but I just got it just made a card. I will make it!

It is often surprised at American commercial practices that are not in Japan.

The top of the spindle is a return culture. Nanito Returns any Americans immediately. Clothes and appliances are natural. Since I buy clothes on the premise of return, I wrote only once without cutting the price tag and return it immediately.

Since it is possible to exchange it within three months of houseplant, it can be returned to the reason because it is dead. So paying only the first time, I can replace it every three months and always live around new houseplants (laughs)

Not only that. When it is raining after the next day I got a car wash, I will re-wash it for free. It is a natural phenomenon! ? No-lovely hardship!

Such an American, as America. After all I love America.


Every Year I GO To La During the First Week of September. Spending 10 Days in La Surrounded by Dry and Fresh Air Is The Best to Restore My Energy.

I'm used to the local life with a car and I know lot of streets now. Not only LA, the United States itself is still a new country, so cities are laid out in a grid pattern. Street signs with four points of the compass Made Me Confused at First. However, When I Got Used to It, I Found Out IT WAS Just Simple.

Speaking of grocery shopping, I can buy things with the same price as local people because I have a member's card You can get 20% -30% discount with it Also you see on the receipt saying.. "You saved $ - today" . I WAS Very Surprised at the First Time. But Who Doesn't Want To Save Money by Just Registering to Make a Card!

America's Consumer Custom Often Makes Me Overwhelmed.

The best thing is "Return / Refund". Basically you can return anything after you actually buy it, such a as clothes, appliances, and so on. So you can return the clothes you have worn once without taking the tag away.

Even indoor plants can be returned in three months so actually you can exchange them with new ones if you claim that they just died. That means you can live with fresh plants exchanging them every three months ...!

It's Not Only That. The Right Next Day After Having Your Car Washed, You Could Ask for Doing IT Over for Free You Complain That It Rained. Wait, Rain Is a Natural Phenomenon! IT's Crazy!

Although Lots of These surprising Things Happen, I do Love America.

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