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The PARADIDDLE LAB of the Sorida River is operating even during the Bon holiday. I wrote in this blog before, but the paradiddle lab staffPersonal vacation acquisition systemSo, the factory staff will not stop production lines at all at once.

Since the parts of the parts are no longer falling in the rest, it is still quieter than usual, but it is progressing to the product production for pop-up tours starting from the end of this month.

It is easy to spend in Tokyo at this time. The capital high and the general road are rattle, and the train does not feel at all at vacant. I wonder if there are many restaurants that are closed, but not only chain stores but also personal stores are surprisingly, and the time of lunch is full.

Since if you don't buy from the wholesome, there are many Hall sale supermarkets like Costco and Hanamasa, so it will not be so bad for purchasing.

It was eaten at Ginza at night due to work on August 13 of this day, but fresh delicious sashimi came out. Since the quality of the semi-refrigerator's chilled room is also evolving more and more, even if it does not change until it does not change, you can enjoy this ingredient even during the summer vacation. Even if I work at this time, I'm not really convenient to do anything wrong.

The Sunday Ginza was a Lady's miscellaneous goods and an apparel company and a designer who has launched a design office recently, and a meal at my three people.

Ladies' miscellaneous goods and apparel company president of the company are 5 years older than me, and a large senior manager who reached 20 years of company. I have a variety of consultations everything from independent. Especially this year is really indebted, and I am alone in the owner who respects.

The senior president also has a trained store and wholesaler with a trained store and wholesale, and even if there is a difference between ladies and men, the work does not change to me and growing. Besides, not only to grow the brand, but we will work with the soil to grow, our president's work. In other words, the soil is that the company is expressing the value of the company on the B / S and improves capital and secure and procure funds. We are the chief executive officer at the same time as the corporate office of the brand.

I wrote this blog in front of this blog.

"Don't be a designer who just announces its creation, not only announce its creation with confidence, but it's a designer who will properly manage the strategy, and the designer who will surely launch the result one after another, I dreamed of my dream Our future statue. And there is a company that is created with various people with various people and creating a company that can be appreciated with our efforts, and it is a true creator who thinks me and the management of new times If you're a person, I'm thinking of.

We are also working to plan the product, and the main work is also the same as planning management. I spend every day while cutting the way for my dreams.


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