Only Muso APRès-Guerre (Apre Guer) / ONE and ONLY APRESS-Guerre

This summer's holiday season, the store is hot!

In line with the new Pack5, Pack 6 August 10 release, the magazine SENSE released on the same day is published with the new tie-up articles and advertisements, and in the instum and blogs will introduce new works and dispatch sales staff Iesang Mens and Hankyu Mens Osaka also developed VMD that launched the new work on the whole.

In the magazine, SNS, and storefront linked campaign, the first year, the sales of the Bon holiday, which is quiet and quiet, was a deployment of heat at once this year.

Under such circumstances, it is a part number that continues to sellPACK1. Paris's Select Shop reclare rule expressed as "COCOON"PACK1Is neither confused without Katsuyukikodama brand icon.


The combination of the strong volume of the solid silhouette and the key area, the big detail of the adopted parts is APRES-GUERRE (Aplay Guer) who has established a non-engaged position.

thisPACK1The design of the summer and night in 2013 was 4 years ago. From the time of design, there is a memory that proceeds with the work while being thrilled as a great backpack.

When the design was dropped into the eyeboard or when the first dummy came up, and when the 1st sample rose, it was always a feeling that it would be the best backpack.

I used a coil fastener for a full leather backpack. At that time I liked the Swiss luxury metal fastener RIRI, but this backpack is not a metal fastener but a coil fastener with a hat. The coil fastener made the largest No. 10 size for the coil fastener to launch the presence that does not lose leather. This is Miso.

Horizontal expanse double sebound is also adopted high density tape instead of leather. It seems to be a compassic concept that a couple of backpacks are creating a casual item with full leather, but the main office was harvested with a material and casually down. Here too.


In addition, in order to make a more powerful three-dimensional sense, the leather helical part has not been made more than necessary, and depending on the location, it sewed with the core. This is a technique to make it because it is a company factory. If it is a partner factory, it is too thick, the work efficiency is bad or a focusing to the back or the rawness, and the breath is placed in various ways, and the bag itself will be lumen and become poor. Since it was noted that, the backpack of inefficient manufacturing methods that no one wants to make has made it with a chopsticks at its own factory. Here too.


Various commitments were clogged to be a backpack of new areas to createPACK1However, even if three and a half years have passed since three and a half years have passed, the existence is more glowing, and it continues to reign at the position of the throne as a pioneering pioneer.

SuchPACK1But the taste of the day of the day of the day of the shop that we wanted to expand will not forget the sake of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of "COCOON".

Our Stores ARE Hot In This Summer Holiday Season!

In time with the release of new collection, PACK5 and PACK6, we promoted some tie-up advertisements with a magazine "SENSE", which was released on exactly the same day. Also we expanded these new items on Instagram and blogs at the same time Plus, We Also Focused on VMD to Emphasize The Goods in ISetan Men's Department Store and Hankyu Men's Osaka Department Store Where WE Arrange Staffs.

It Was Our First Try To Run This Campaign Linked with Magazines, Sns, and Stores. It Used To Be Very Slow During Japanese Bon Holidays Every Year, But It Turned To Be A Big Success This Year.

Meanwhile, Pack1 Has Always Been Constantly Sold Well. This Item, Which A Called "Cocoon" by a select shop in Paris, L'Eclaireur, Is Needless to Say Katsuyukikodama's Brand icon.

This solid silhouette, powerful volumes on every important point, and selected parts in details have made a great combination. I feel proud that this has established "après-guerre" as the one and only position.

WHEN I DESIGNED PACK1 WAS IN LATE SUMMER 2013. I REMEMBER THAT I WAS So Excited to make it, feeling "this is Going to be an amazing backpack!"


I chose a coil zipper for this backpack. At that time I actually liked "riri", a Swiss high quality zipper. However, I selected the coil one rather than metallic one. To make an impact for presense, I decided to use size No .10, The Biggest Size of the COIL Zipper. This is a bigpoint.

Also for the side expandable straps, I chose the high-density tape, not leather. I wanted to dress down by using some casual material for the backpack made with full leather, which seems a contrary concept to you at a glance. This is another Special Point AS Well.

Moreover, in order to make it look more solid, we sometimes sewed padding cloth into the bag for the edge of the leather. We made it just because we have our own factory. Corporate factories would think this would be too thick to be sewn, not an efficient way to do, and chose different ways, which may occur poor looking. I did not want it at all, so I just kept producing in our factory the backpacks with inefficient methods, which nobody wants to do. This is our strength , TOO.

PACK1 that I have worked with my passion in order to make it to be on the new stage is now the top of the pioneers of the new trends. It is even brighter then before even though it's already passed three years after the release.

I will not forget the taste of alcohol on the day that L'ECLAIREUR, one of our dream shops to line up our product at, described, "COCOON".

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