"Beauty" / The Beauty of the concept that flows into the heart of the concept


The other day, it was a welcome party for direct management PARADDLEDLE LAB, which is the original of the Sumida River.

The staff at the sewing machine was supposed to be independent, and the farewell party of the company and the welcome party of the two staff who came into the new staff.

Everyone who has left the new one, and the staff who have been active in the midst of the company, and all the staff who have been active in the middle of the company were really good and drinking alcohol. I also had a little before the Sumida River fireworks display at last month I could not participate, but I would like to see a fireworks watching fireworks while I was in the Meekyking room of LAB at the staff.

Welcome farewell society and fireworks faster were also a good time for Midsummer before Obon.

I really love summer. I liked the winter, but I like active summer after becoming an adult. This year was really happy to have more than 30 ° C from GW. I feel that I want this summer to continue every year. As long as the late summer heat is severe, the news of autumn and the news of winter who came out, conversely, I hate it.

But in the fashion world already seasoned in Autumn & Winter. Katsuyukikodama, also from 8/10 to autumn and winter products were introduced to the storefront and developed started.

MainLast blogBut I introduced Pack5 and Pack6. From the first day of the release, I feel the autumn with a strong sales in Tokyo and Osaka.

This Pack5 and Pack6, who joined the Pack series's first generation, with me and Sago, and the pattern is reinstalled and the finished is just a good pleasure. It took more than half a year until the three-dimensional was the final type.

Anytime, but if the mold paper diffuses two more, the expression also changed the expression, so it cuts the mold paper until it took it. The other pillars of this autumn new pillar also pursued a three-dimensional out until I got himself.

Anyway, any type of new work is as a solid that the result of conscious of "beauty" (and the Beauty) flowing to the center of the season concept becomes a solid and is released as a product.

Feel our proposed "Catchy, Glamorous, Metallic and THE BEAUTY" with your BONE!

RECENTLY WE HAD A Farewell and Welcome Party of Our Paradiddle Lab Located by Sumida River.

IT WAS for A Staff, WHO WAS Leaving and Had Worked Running a Sewing Machine, and Two New Members.

The person who was leaving, these newcomers, and the current staffs were drinking in a good mood. I could not join the fireworks festival last month either, but I heard they were enjoying the fireworks in the meeting room at LAB eating Somen noodles.

This Farewell and Welcome Party and Fireworks ARE Definitly Fun Memories Before Bon Holidays.

I love summer so much. I used to like winter better in my childhood, but after I grew up I like summer because of its activeness. This year, after holidays in the beginning of May passed, the days were often over 30 degrees Celsius, SO I WAS Very Happy with. Every Year I Wish This Season Would Continue. Even The Late Summer's Severe Heat Makes Me Happy And I Hate Any News That Says, "Winter Has Come".


The main items are pack5 and pack6 that I have Already Introduced in the Previous Blog. Since The Release Day, Sell Out Is Going Great In Tokyo And Osaka. I'm Feeling The Fall Season One Step Ahead.

These pack5 and pack6, joined the second generation of pack series, ARE The Special Work That Sako and I Had Made So Much Effort to Make it Better. IT TOOK MORE THAN HALF A YEAR TO BRUSH UP to the FINAL LOOKS.

As usual, if the pattern even has a difference of 2mm, the looks will change a lot. We recut the pattern over and over until we are convinced. Musette bag, a new collection of autumn, is the same. We pursued the final figure THAT WOUULD MAKE OURSELVES AGREE WITH IT.

Anyway Every STYLE OF THE NEW COLLECTION HAS BEEN RELEASED with the SEASON CONCEPT, "Beauty" THAT Flows in it, Which We Have Been Conscious of.

So, Please Feel Our Proposal, "catchy, glemorous, Metallic and the Beauty" with your bone!


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