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I rushed into August.

Katsuyukikodama will hold Spring 2018's exhibition in August at Shimiya. If it is finished, it will rush into AUTUMN 2018 planning at once.

Season · Consuzes are already decided, the design is advancing, but I have to advance another-by-premidence project during this season, and I'm going to jump in a sudden job, and I'm going to jump into a sudden job now I can not concentrate on it.

But the Bon Bon of August also has the body and the body 2018 autumn. Now that you want to do various things before running in earnest, the content is summarized. The image is inflated while collecting the material of leather, dough and bracket.

In our Creation Journey, where the Galactic Railway 999 is forever, this time is the aging period of imagination as a designer. It is time to use the same power as the initial stage of the train that has been moved out.

The backpack with KATSUYUKIKODAMA brand icon is followed by the first generation PACK1, PACK2, PACK4, the second generation PACK1M, PACK5, PACK6, and next do you sublime them more?

In addition, items other than backpacks such as tote and sakoshish are also popular, and how do they bloom more?

Really this time is the best designer and fun.

August Has Already Begun.

We have an exhibition for KATSUYUKIKODAMA Spring 2018 in August at the showroom in Jingumae. Right after that Autumn 2018 project will be starting. The season concept has already been fixed and we are working on its design. However, we often have to work on other things such as special orders in the meanwhile, so we can not completely focus on the next term all the time. When the middle of August passes by, my mind and body automatically change to 2018 autumn. I have a lot of things I want to do so I'm bringing ideas together now. I'm blowing up my images collecting leathers, fabrics, and metal parts. CREATION JOURNEY that continues forever makes me more mature as a designer. This is the time to use a lot of power just like the first stage of train that just starts running. Our backpacks, the icon of KATSUYUKIKODAMA, have been continuing through the first generation, PACK1, PACK2, PACK4, the second generation, PACK1M, PACK5, PACK6 and now it's about to think about how to IMProve Them More T han now. Moreover, other types of bags such as tote bags and musette bags are recently pretty popular. We need to think about how to develop these as well. This is the most designer-like period and I'm enjoying it.


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