Personal summer vacation

My company can acquire five business days as a summer vacation between July-September. There are staff who distributes a 5-day vacation to falling breakfast in a three-month, a staff who acquire a series of five business days per tray. We call this personal vacation.

The reason why not set the summer vacation with the company is because you want to operate without stopping Paradiddle Lab.

Since Katsuyukikodama debuted, September has been promoting and pop-up stores as every year.Schedule of this yearIs greater than usual.

In order to efficiently operate the factory in front of such Automuctive, it is the idea that all do not take a holiday together, and the staff, in the event, it is crowded anywhere in the tray, and it is crowded anywhere in summer vacation · There is also an idea that it would be better to take a rest at the time of vacancies than rested during traffic jams.

Actually I met a friend who lives in LA several years ago.

The friend is working with IT-related work, but the American company has no setting for summer vacation, and there is a number of days that can be acquired in the annual holiday, and it is said that you can take a break in summer or winter freely. I was. The staff can take a vacation in summer, and the New Year's Day is closed, but it works from 2 days.

At the same time, I thought that I had to adopt my company at the same time as I was a personalist America, my personalist America, and my holiday.

Sales, production management, factory staff, management department, and customer and suppliers in charge are different, so everyone will take a close feeling to all at all.

The personal summer vacation, the staff who started last year in such a history, the staff will arrange off the wind this year.


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