Perfect Sunday / Perfect Sunday


Days like whether you were jumping into a fierce flow for three weeks from Paris.

PARADDLE INC. The president of I and Sako, and three of the financial fields, three people in the financial field, talking daily while working on daily work ing.

Here, the severity of the fashion industry is as well as, but we are trying to overcome this difficult problem even if it is. Even though I don't feel like I'm sorry, my customers are recognized and I was convinced, I was convinced, I get impressed, and I bought it.

Also in the PARADDLE LAB of the Sorida River, also in the situation where you can continue to produce KATSUYUKIKODAMA products daily without making other companies brands.

If you do not represent such a wonderful environment in B / S properly as a corporate value. So what we do now?

Instead of being a designer who just announces its creation, it is only a designer who only announces its creation, it will be a designer who is properly managed, and the designer who will surely launch the result one after another, I dreamed of my dream Future image.

And there is an exchange with various people and creating a company that allows you to agree with us and participate, and that is a true creator who thinks and is a new era manager, thinking.

Perfect Sunday of the rainy season while thinking about such a thing.

These Three Weeks After Being Back From Paris I Have Been Going Through Hectic Days.

I, the president of PARADIDDLE INC. And Sako as a senior managing director, and Nodera in financial keep discussing how we can improve the company more effectively and certainly as we carry out everyday tasks at the same time.

As everyone knows, fashion industry is severe these days, but we want to overcome this difficulty. Many clients have accepted our high creation and production, have been moved by our products, and purchased them so far.

For Paradiddle Lab by Sumida River, We Don't Think About Making Any Other BRANDS and FOCUS ON THE PRODUCTION for Only KatsuyukikoDama Everyday.

We Must Show This Wonderful Environment on B / S AS A Certain Business Valuation. And Now What Should We Do DO?

My ideal image of my future self is not a designer who just presents his creation his talking about dreams, but a designer who can handle his management of his, comes up with strategies and methods to achieve exact results.

AND We GET A Lot of Interactions With Many People, and Establish A Business Entity, Which People AGREE WIT We DO DO and PARTICIPATE IT. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THIT.

IT's A Perfect Sunday Thinking About These Things The End of Rainy Season in Japan.

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