Kazuyuki Kumagai + Katsuyukikodama

Last night I went to the 2018SS exhibition of Kazuyuki Kumagai / Attachment. At night, there was a cocktail party, and I was able to chat with various people, such as Dome Bra's designer and buyer.

I also asked the exhibition at Paris last month, but I thought that the product would look closely at the domestic exhibition, so yesterday I couldn't help it before I heard.

Even so, the design of Mr. Kumagaya is really beautiful. The beauty of the silhouette and the originally developed material is as exquisite, as the sighs will come out and you have to be an apprentice. As a result, a large number of individual orders have been ordered, but I can not really wait for the product to arrive.

The collaboration backpack of Kazuyuki Kumagai + Katsuyukikodama is pre-launched with Ginza Six's Attachment, and the total store and wholesale will be expanded from August, all of the ATTACHMENT stores and wholesalers from this month.

This collaboration fabrication secret story is not to be able to do special feature articles in this Site's Special.

Mr. Kumagaya and I designed backpacks designed from 1 by all means!

I went to an exhibition of KAZUYUKI KUMAGAI / ATTACHMENT 2018SS last night. There was a cocktail party and I spent time with domestic brand designers, buyers, and other many people. I visited the same exhibition in Paris last month, but I wanted to take more time to see it. So I was looking forward to this event very much. Mr. Kumagai's design is amazing. The beauty of silhouette and his original material have a breathtaking harmony. He has a lot of things to learn. I actually ordered a lot for myself, so I 'm looking forward to receiving them in next spring. The collaboration backpacks of KAZUYUKI KUMAGAI + KATSUYUKIKODAMA had already been out in ATTACHMENT in GINZA SIX. Also all ATTACHMENT stores and its wholesales will start to release it from this month and KATSUYUKIKODAMA's wholesales will start from August. The production secret story of this collaboration will be out soon in "SPECIAL" of this website, so do not miss it. Please check out the collaborated backpacks, which Mr. Kumag AI and I Made from the Beginning! 17022190_179313063737931306373793130637379853_2219411624970141766_n

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