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Recently, there was an opportunity to be the same as four years ago.

Speaking of four years ago, summer in 2013. Still Katsuyukikodama, before debuts in the domestic debut, and the backpack such as Pack1 of the current documents is also immediately before release. The domestic debut plan of Katsuyukikodama, who has announced a collection only overseas, and the time of fetal movement.

One year from the summer of 2013 was a dense year that was perhaps for our company, even for our company.

There is a great weight for a year for the company. People live in 80th, but the company is not so. I thought it became really wonderful when a large senior company reached the 30th anniversary, but when I was 30 years old, it is a change that it was a young man from the younger young man, and it is still a young man and younger.

Comparing my 30th anniversary of the company and 30 years old, one year for the company, it is the same image as 2 and 3 years for me.

In other words, four years ago, for our company and brand, it can not be helped say that "now is the long ago", really a lot before.

Speaking of something before ...,

I often watch the old drama with Apartment, Horado, a long time ago, a long-lasting night in Paris. "Under the name of love", "Tokyo Love Story", "101th Propose", "Tokyo Love Story", "Tokyo Love Story", which was high audience rating in the first half of the 1990s. And always tears (laughs).

Those who are moved by their drama themselves and tears, so that's myself, so, I have a pure innocent who has not yet decided (lol). Vinegar is also sweet, white, and it was a straight line (laughs).

That's why I cried, I recently laged my tears. In particular, when it is an old-fashioned, the tears glands are open to the entire surface.

That's because it was a company and brand fetal fetal period four years ago, but four years ago, the company and their own standing position have changed by a long time, but it is only four years, but it is 4 years ago It feels intense. Just before it's before.

It is now because I've been steadily stepping on a step during this time, but I think that it will not be able to alive one minute one minute even more than this time. At the moment the moment the moment the moment they live seriously, there is a company or brand growth.

Well, what do we do in four years?

While exciting again, I will live in the midst of Creation Journey today.

RECENTLY I WAS in the Same Situation As Four Years Ago.

It was summer 2013. KATSUYUKIKODAMA had not yet debuted in Japan that time. Our regular item "Pack-1" was about to be released. KATSUYUKIKODAMA was already out overseas, but for Japan market we were working on it and it was progressing steadily.

Every Single Year Since SUMMER 2013 Has Been Always Unforgettable and These Years Have Been Productive.

For Companies, ONE YEAR MEANS A LOT. Human Life Is ABOUT 80 Years, BUT 80 Years of Establishment Does Note Mean The Same. WHEN I HEARD ACOMPANY OF MY FRIEND HAD 30th Anniversary, I thought It Was So Wonderful. However When I Turned Into 30 Years Old, I Felt It Was Just Like A Turning Point From A Boy To A Youth, So That Means I'M Not A MatureD Man YET.

In Making Comparison Between 30th Anniversary and 30 Year-Old Myself, One Year for A Accompany May Mean Two or Three Years to Me In My Life.

SO Four Years Ago, IT WAS Like A "ONCE UPON A TIME" for Our Company and The Brand. I Feel It's Really Long Time Ago.

Speaking of the days in the past ...

When I Don 'T Have Any Plans at Night in Paris, I toten Watch Old Japanese TV DRAMA and CRY Watching Them LOL.

IT Makes Me Cry Reminding Me of Myself With A Pure Heart Rather Than The TV Drama Itself Makes Me Cry. I WAS Crying for MySelf That I Had Not Seen All in My Life and Was Only Looking at My Goal.


It Does Not Mean That I Cry Recalling My Company Four Yeas Ago, But T Means These Four Years Make a Big Difference. IT Is Just A "Four Years", But Its A Big Growth. Yes, This Is "A Long Time Ago" .

This is a Result That We Have Time Forward Step by Step. I Feel We Need to Go Further Even More Without Losing Our Time From Now On. and We Will Find Our Growth Afterwards.

Well, How Will IT Be Like After Another Four Years?

We Will Keep Going in the Middle of Creation Journey with a Lot of Excitement.

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