2 Great City Popup Tour 2017 Fall

The schedule for the pop-up store of KATSUYUKIKODAMA after August is not half.

August 23-2 Weeks Ginza Mitsukoshi: Cavan

September 6-1 1 WEEK Hankyu Men's Tokyo: 1F Chain Store

September 11-1 WEEK Hankyu Men's Osaka: 1F Fixed Store

September 13-1 WEEK Isetan Ben Brie: 6F Sakoshish Shop

September 20-2 Weeks Isetan Mens: Visual Presentation

October 4-1 WEEK Shinsaibashi Daimaru: 1F work store

In Tokyo from August 23 to October 10, in Tokyo, Ginza, Shinjuku, Yurakucho, and Osaka, the schedule of pop-up stores in Umeda and Shinsaibashi is busy.

Moreover, Hankyu Men's Tokyo, Osaka, Shinsaibashi Daimaru last month as well as pop-up in Osaka Osaka. It is just "2 big city pop-up tour 2017 autumn!"

Sales in these pop-up stores is a long-standing business partner Sleek Co., Ltd. (Threek Co., LTD.). This Threek is a sales agency company, a business partner from my preceptor.

President's Moto, who has been promoting a promotion with Isetan Mens for the first time Katsuyukikodama has been growing together with Katsyukikodama, along with Katsyukikodama.

Mr. Kazamoto, the record sales of fury in Shinsaibashi Daimaru, and the explosive sales in the pre-introduction event in Hankyu Men's Osaka. I have been in contact with many selling staff for many years, but Sales of Yukamoto is the first place of Dantto, which is a sense of stability, the instantaneous power, the speed of switching, and the customer's credibility, and who It is better than.

But I'm a little worried about the angel that came out with the age of age, and the blackness of the face applied every year (laughs).

From last year, not only Yukamoto, but also other young members participating in the 2 major city pop-up tours, and there are also staff who represent the giggi and the head angle. There is no doubt that THREEK that continues to grow elsewhere is a team that is absolutely necessary to continue to grow in the medium-term plan after three years of Katsuyukikodama.

Katsuyukikodama is a tag with the strongest team at all places from the river to the downstream.


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