What I think about independence / what I Think About Starting A Business

His junior kurara, who worked in the company, came out BAR "Kotobuki" on Ikano of the well line of the well. He has been hired by BAR of "Curms" in Yoyogi Uehara until now, but he was aware of it and became an owner.

I got a face on the day of the day, but "kotobuki" is a super full condition that also comes out at 22 o'clock. Furthermore, since a customer has entered a store, it was rounded up early just by having toasted it with the Kurashi original Uehara Hybar.

A junior Kurashi is a good guy who comes out a bit of face with a beer with a vial of the event in the exhibition of Katsuyukikodama. When I worked in my company, Kurashiki was going to quit the company first. Young I was dissatisfied and dissatisfied, and the last day of the Kurashiki came to fight.

After about 10 years later, I went to the shop where Kurashiri, which the Kurashiri discaled alone, since I had a habit of the "Curms" of Yoyogara Uehara, where there is a Kurashiri area.

"Kotobuki" Open Look at him of busy from the first day and really congratulations! I felt it.

I worked on the premise that I was independent at the age of 35 since I was 20s. It was also possible to independent more quickly than 35 years old, but without being impatient, I chose the way to learn many things while working hard.

There were a lot of colors and as a result, it became summer of 37 years old, but when I think now, I think that the independence since there was enough time service period.

While working in a company, we will build the relationship between the vendor and the customer and expand the personal connection, but it will be a source after independence, but more than anything above it will bring to the morning without being late. If it is in an environment that is completely bound for one day, it is in an environment where the need for sales targets is always required, a relationship with a boss and a colleague, or a certain period of time, it has experienced that they are managed by the company for a certain period, It is really useful after independence.

If I was independent in my twenties, I must have misunderstood that I was free. Time is also free and you can freely want to do it. The morning time can be slowly slowly and you can go home early. No one was bound, and I enjoyed a libero life, absolutely.

If there is a stack of one event that has been studied for 15 years of company, PARADIDDLE LAB and KATSUYUKIKODAMA will be established.

Well, I'm going to see "KOTOBUKI" again soon.

My ex colleague Kurachi, who I used to work with in a company before, started a bar called "KOTOBUKI" in Ikenoue. Until then he was a hired-hand president at the bar "Calms" in Yoyogiuehara. He finally decided to run his Own Business and BeCame A Owner Today.

I visited him on the opening day, and I saw a full of people at around 10:00 pm. Some were even standing to drink. Even more customers were coming in, so I decided to leave right after having his original drink, Uehara whisky soda .

Kurachi is a nice buddy. He always brings us some beer during the exhibitions for a visit. When we were colleague in the previous company, he quit earlier than me. Since I was still pretty young that time, I could not figure out why he DID THAT. SO I HAD A Fight with Him on HIS Last Day and Just Got Separated.

About 10 Years Later, I Just Dropped in the Bar, "Calms" in Yoyogiuehara Where Kurachi Was. We Made Up and Since Then I Would Iten Go to this place to see him.

SO I WAS Really Pleased to See Him Being Very Busy From the Opening Day of "Kotobuki".

I had been thinking about start up my business by 35 years old since I was in my twenties as an office worker. I actually could do it even much before 35 years old, but I chose not to rush and decided to work as an employee learning a lot of things there.

With One Thing and Another, I Finally BeCame A Sole Proprietorship When i WAS 37 Years Old, In Summer. I Think It Was A Right Choice To Start IT Having A Plenty of Experience in A Previous Company.

Of course, one of good points is building relationships with clients, so that I can expand my connections in the future. However, more than that, being punctual at work, going to the office in the morning everyday, being stuck in the office all Day, The Environment with the Goals That You Must Reach, The Relationship With Various Colleeagues, etc. THAT I Have EXPERIENCED IN THE COMPANY ACTUALLY SATISFY MY DAYS AFTER I LAUNCHED MY Business.

If I started my business in my twenties, I would think that I was so free that I could do anything I wanted. I would wake up late and leave the office early and I would never be bound by anybody. I would absolutely enjoy too much My Life MY Life.

Paradiddle Lab and Katsuyukokodama Cannot Exist Without Every Single Piece That I Have Gained in the Company for 15 Years.

Well, Now It's About Time to Go To "Kotobuki".


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