And next to London / Next, To London

I decided to go to London during the Paris Fashion Week next month. There are two shops starting from this fall, and the following goals were the development of the self-fidge, which is one of the world's highest peak department stores in the fashion world,Only per night, get out of Paris and go to London.

London landed his first. So far, European business trips were only France and Italian, and they did not go to Great Britain, across the Dover Strait from the European continent.

Speaking of London, after all, for our generations who have been in love with NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), the Heavy Metal World Holy Lands along with LA.

Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, who taught two older brothers, was a junior high school lullaby. Judas's masterpiece 'Freewheel Burning' '' Freewheel Burning '''s Hamori guitar solo excited and not sleepy days I could not sleep yesterday.

Unlike grammet, which has been a brilliant, brilliant and brilliant, and a man and woman's lust, is a proud British Empire, a melody of steels that can be played by a gentleman pedigree while being hot , I still feel that the word dignity is the most appropriate melody.

At the time of the 2000 Denko-2010 early 2010, when I was to stop and repeating the European business trip, I feel the scent of London in Hong Kong Island and SOHO, which I went to SOHO, and I always step on London's land and be a home fish And I had a strong determination that I had to eat chips.

Also, I will go to the LA of another holy place for me three years ago, and I only remain London! I was always drifting somewhere in my heart.

Well, it's half a kidding that London is a holy place pilgrimage of Heavy Metal,Without seeing it, no atmosphere is also known, and it can not be said that the expansion at the cell flidge is the next goal. But I'm already saying it.

First of all, I feel a longing place and read the sensibility.

That's why I will go to London next month.

[Postscript] I sincerely pray for the well-being of the people who were sacrificed in terrorism that happened in Manchester yesterday.

I decided to go to London during Paris Fashion Week. There are two shops that we made a contract with and my next goal was set to spread our brand in one of the best department stores in fashion industry, Selfridges. So I will make an overnight TRIP to London from Paris.

IT Will Be My First Time in London. So Far I Have Just Been to France and Italy and Have Never Crossed Strait of Dover to Go To Great Britain.

London Still Means Nwobhm (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) for Our Generation, So It's The Place of Heavy Metal Along with La.

My older brother taught me JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN and they were my lullaby when I was in middle school. Every guitar solo part from a masterpiece of JUDAS, '' Freewheel Burning '' always made me excited so that I could not sleep. It Feels Like Yesterday.

It is not like Glam Metal from LA, which was filled with lusts of the flesh and splendor. It is the British Empire's melody, which belongs to the English aristocracy. I still believe this melody should be called "dignity" as a proper way.

During the Mid 2000 To Early 2010 When I Stopped Business Trip To Europe, I Felt The Sense of London in Lan Kwai Fong And Soho in Hong Kong. So I Always Wanted To Go Directly To London and Eat Fish and Chips.

For Three Three Years, I Started to Visit Another Meccca, La. So The Rest Was Only London for Me.

This is just a joke that the reason of visiting London is the heavy metal culture, but I can not say that my next target is Selfridges because I've never visited London ... No, actually I have told you here about it already.

First of all, I Need to Feel The place to Feel the Real Sensitivity THERE.

Yes, Now I am Going to London Next Month Finally.

P. S. I Genuinely Pray for the Victims of the Manchester Terror Attack Yesterday.


[Image and bottom] Paris's Bastille and Milan Navillio. Paradiddle Lab is the periphery of the Sumida River. It is because it grew up with the Eye River, which flows in front of the artwoman in front of the canal and rivers?

Picture above and below:... Bastille in Paris and Naviglio in Milan PARADIDDLE LAB is located by Sumida River Canals and rivers make me feel calm It could be because I grew up by Soda River in my home town.


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