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To the PARADIDDLE LAB of the Sorida River, Turn left in front of the Yasukuni Street in front of the Ryokuni Bridge and be sure to move the arch of Yanagi Bridge. Apart from this route, there are various ways of getting there, but I want to go to the beauty that I want to go through Yanagi Bridge a little longer.

I like Yanagi Bridge so much. Yanagi Bridge is really too beautiful.

A large rivet that was hardly hit into a thick steel, it would have been coated over and over again, and it is a soft and fluffy curve designed arch. The last bridge of the Kanda River is the water mizushi and clear air, which makes it joined with the Sumida River integrals, and it promotes the emotion of the Yanagi Bridge more.

It is comfortable to touch this beauty, and I decided to pass here every time.

I noticed recently, but I like the bridge. Even if it is a bridge, I like the arch bridge instead of all bridges. A heart is resting and calm down when you look at the arch bridge. When passing through the main gate of the Imperial Palace, you can still be watching double bridge and the Masauchi Ishibashi.

I like to walk through the wondering bridge but walking. The "Mochito Bridge Museum" with the bridge is also a small museum and it's pretty fun enough.

Why do I like the arch bridge so much? Will it be fascinated by a bridge architecture?

That's because there is always a millionaire Bridge of the Shrine, which is just the side of the hometown of Oita's home.

Play every day at West Cold Passher Corporation, overnight bridges every year. The source of my design work is a beautiful arch of every fountain Bridge.

Seisaku Miyo Shrine, which is just the side of my home. A clear air and deep green, Sam field that flows under the Mountain Bridge (Yes) River's River's River, but everything is the beauty. I am really grateful to growing in such an environment.

West cold shrines and the Samada River and the Awarish Bridge.

While removing the homes, I will also go to Paradiddle Lab, too today.

To reach PARADIDDLE LAB located by Sumida River, I always pass under the arch in Yanagibashi after turning left at Ryogoku Bridge on Yasukuni Street. There are also other various ways, but I purposely take a roundabout route to pass under the arch. This is just Because I Want To Feel The Beauty of the Arch Every Time.

I Like Yanagi Bridge This Much. IT is too Beautiful.

The arch designed with soft and flowy curved lines is different from the big rivets fastened to thick steels countlessly and a massiveness of green painting which appears to be coated many times. At the junction of Sumida River at the final bridge of Kanda River, freshness and CRISP AIR, WHICH UNITE AS ONE, ENCourages The Emotion of Yanagi BRIDGE EVEN MORE.

Touching this beauty makes me feel comfortable, so I decided to go through this way. I have recently found out that I like bridges. Especially I like arched shape, better than any other types. Looking at arched bridge makes me feel calm and relaxed. When Passing by The Main Gate of the Imperial Palace, Even Just Watching Niju Bridge and Main Gate Stone Bridge Makes Me Feel Relieved.

Kachidoki Bridge, I Like to Walk Over Rather Than Driving. The Museum of This BRIDGE IS Pretty Nice Because There ARE Plenty of Things to See Although Its Quite Small.

Why Do I Like Arched Bridge So Much? Does The Arched Shape of the Bridge Attract Me?

I Assume That's Because Mannen Bridge at Sasamuta SHRINE LOCATED ONLY A STEP AWAY from my parents' Home in Oita Prefecture Has Always Been Staying in my heart.

I used to play around at Sasamuta Shrine and cross over Mannen Bridge in my childhood. The beautiful arch of the bridge has definitely inspired my design works. Sasamuta Shrine by my parents' house, the pure clean air, deep green, and a small stream OF SODA RIVER. Everything CAN Be A Beauty THERE. I'm Very Thankful for the Environment I WAS Surrounded by.


Longing for My Home, I Pass Under Yanagi Bridge to Get Paradiddle Lab Today as Usual.

Screenshot 2017-05-30 19.00.48

[Image: above] Yanagi breach that draws a beautiful arch [image: Under the Samada River and the annual bridge of the West cold shrine

Picture Above: Yanagi Bridge With A Beautiful Arched Shape

Picture Below: Soda River and Mannen Bridge at Sasamuta SHRINE

Screenshot 2017-05-31 13.52.56

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