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LOUD Serius HEAVY and the Beauty

Spring 2018 season concept.

As AUTUMN 2017 was Catchy, quite an edge-effective word continues, but LOUD and SERIOUS and HEAVY will be launched in the current interpretation to KATSUYUKIKODAMA.

It was repeatedly meeting with Sako of Paradiddle Lab again this morning and organized the contents of the next work. Lab is in the vampan state of the promotion of Isetan Mens held for 2 weeks from the end of this month, and the production of apeoprosic goods for the full-fledged product of Hankyu Men's Osaka, which will be held next month.

Samples for Paris Fashion Week during such a pali Fashion Week are no longer unknown if you don't organize your head.

MD tables and design images, dough swatches are passed to Sasa, and the contents of repeated contents are checked.

Meeting with Sales's Kugamatsu is also important. Multiplication of MD contents and how to launch out many times.

The design side, the production side, and the sales side understand the season connections and move forward and move in the same way. Just this is the branding.

Sample shipment of 6/12 (Mon) 20 days. The day of fury continues on the 20th. The new fabrics and leather produced for this few months have already been rising, and the new type paper is also rising and the cutting is waiting for cutting. After that, just push sewing at once.

Yes, we will announce a new one of the days after the day of the day, one month later.

LOUD Serius HEAVY and the Beauty

These ARE The Season Concept of Spring 2018.

Autumn 2017 WAS Catchy, But on the Other Hand Those Key Words ARE Very EDGY. We Work Out with Our Own Interpretation for Loud, Serious, and Heavy, In Katsuyukikodama's Own Way.

I arranged the next collection after several meetings with Sako from PARADIDDLE LAB. In addition to the regular production line, the LAB is packed with the upcoming two-week promotion from the end of this month in Isetan Men's department store and the special order production for Our Original Pop-Up Store in Hankyu Men's Department Store From Next Month.

In the Meantime, Sample Production for Paris Fashion Week Drives Us Crazy AS Well, So We Need to Make Things Clear Once in A while to Refresh Our Brain.

I Gave Merchandising Lists, Designs, and Swatch Sets to Sako And Checked The Contents Again and Again.

The Meeting with Hisamatsu in Sales is Very Important. We examine the Promotion Methods Many Times.

All of Design Team, Production Team, and Sales Team understandtand the Season Concept Perfectly and Go Ahead to the Same Direction.

We Have 20 Days Until THE SAMPLE Delivery On June 12ND. These 20 days are super busy. The fabrics and leathers for new collections we made in these months have already came up and we are ready for the cutting process for new patterns. Then we will just proceed with sewing.

We Have Been Passing Busy Days Like This, and Now A MONTH LATER WE WILL FINALLY PRESENT OUR NEW Products in Paris.


[Image on image] Paradiddle Lab of the storm before the storm.

Picture Above: Paradiddle Lab, The Calm Before The Storm.

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