2017 Fall Winter Added Final Exhibition of AND SPRING 2018 has ended.

Every season, the exhibition starts with Paris. News in Fall Winter announced in Paris in January, held an additional exhibition in Tokyo in March, and in May again, the final additional exhibition + next season in Tokyo.

The final exhibition of autumn and winter is over, but without a break, the 2018 Spring-Summer exhibition tour will start from Paris in June next month.

Half a year, Paris Exhibition-Tokyo Additional Exhibition-Tokyo Additional Exhibition is repeated every season, so it's a sense of making things even during the year.

The new work showed in the Paris Exhibition of the first announcement may be corrected to the silhouette and specifications, and it may be reimbreed several times by the final Tokyo exhibition. While producing a modified sample, we will continue the design one after another, and we will produce a dummy sample, so the creation will really stop.

Well, the main 2017 autumn and winter additional final exhibition main is Sakoshish and Clutch. We received a great deal of evaluation from each business partner.

There was a response from the stage of the mold. The final face of the dummy sample can be imagined and exciting the taste of this job. The work of confirming the sample will be created by one line.

It's better to go up with my design drawings, and it's good to have the compatibility with Sako Sako. The three-dimensional three-dimensional stereo of Sayo is really beautiful. If you have a three-dimensional three-shot, you may be completed while repeating the correction again and again.

When the three-dimensional solid is not completed, it will be carefully discussed with two people many times. We do not compromise after all the types that can be convinced.

Create an environment where you can create a creature and production that does not compromise. One of the biggest reasons made of their own factory is just that.

The Final Additional Autumn / Winter 2017 Exhibition and Spring 2018 Pre-Exhibition Have Ended.

Exhibitions start from Paris every season. First, new collection Autumn // Winter goes out in Paris in January, then additional exhibition goes to Tokyo in March, and the final additional exhibition plus pre-exhibition of the next season comes up in Tokyo again in May.

The Final Additional Autumn / Winter Exhibition Is Done, But Spring 2018 Exhibition Is Coming Up in Paris in June Soon.

IT Feels Like We Never Stop Production Line Throughout The Year Because We Repeat A Term of Six Months for the EXHIBITIONS IN Paris and Tokyo.

The new collection in Paris can be changed several times in details like silhouettes and specifications for the exhibition in Tokyo. We go forward to decide next designs as we make the revised samples. We also make dummy samples at the same time, so the creation really Never Stops.

Now, The Main Items of the Final Additional Autumn / Winter 2017 ARE Sacoche Bags and Clutch Bags. We Actually Got Overwhelming Evaluations from Clients.

We Were Confident About The First Molding for Those Two. It's Very Exciting for US to Image The Dummy Samples. ALSO We ENJOY A LOT TO SEE EACH PROCESS OF SAMPLE Production.

Items are always finished perfectly just as my designs are. That's because the harmony of Sako, the factory manager, and me is very good. They are times the final shape comes up one time and, as they are times we need to remake it over And over.

We Keep Making Over And Over When The Items Do Not Come Out As Expected. WE Never Compromise Until We Get Right ONES.

The Suitable Environment THAT We ​​Are Surrounded by To Have Creations and Products Without Any Compromise Is The Biggest Reason We Chose to Have Our Own Factory.


[Image above] A new Sakoshish and clutch with a beautiful line

Picture ABOVE: The New Collection, Sacoche Bags and Clutch Bags with their Beautiful Shape.

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