From the DITA of the I wearing brand, the guidance of the open reception of the flagship store that can be done on the antique street has arrived.

Since I bought Statesman at the 2011, 8 owned so far. The first favorite is the latest INSIDER TWO. Although it is extremely extreme and super lightweight, it is in love with the near-future design and is currently in Heavi rotation.

DeCade Two of the 20th Anniversary Model Bought in the United States was immediately ordered at the moment I saw at the invited new order order. He remembers that he waited for a long time to reach the Daikanyama store.

The reason to use DITA is not only design but also the making of that. As a structure such as a precision machine, the product and design that the material and design are overlapped are amazing and fascinated by the new order order.

I am looking forward to the opening and reception of the new flagship store at the end of this month.

Katsuyukikodama also wants to open the Flagship Store near the near future.

Expansion transfer of factory that was the goal of 2016 is already achieved and working on cancer cancer every day. The next factory that moved the factory, we always talked about when I made a flagship store.

Yes, one of the biggest goals in 2017 is open to the flagship store. The place and open date and time are still undecided, but if you can meet a good property, you are always preparing to open at any time.

Stockists have added a corner development in Hankyu Mens Osaka and Tokyo from this spring and steadily increasing.

And promotion at the deployment store is also increasing the moment.

In addition to the promotional and visual presentation in Isetan Mens, Visual Presentation, and Saimbashi Daimaru 1F, the pop-up store at Hankyu Mens Osaka and Tokyo will be held together from the season. I was.

The nearest will be held at Hankyu Men's Osaka next month June 7 (Wed) 1 week, and a pop-up store is held at the first full-fledged store that comes out the world view of KatsuyukikoDama. Don't miss it because it is a limited shop for Hankyu Mens Osaka 1F!

We have a track record in various places, and the preparation of Katsuyukikodama flagship store in Tokyo has been steadily advancing.

I GOT AN INVITATION OF DITA OF MY FAVORITE EYEWEAR BRAND. They ARE Going To Have An Opening Reception for the FlagShip Store on Kotto Street, Tokyo.

Now I have total eight pairs since I bought STATEMAN in late 2011. My favorite one is the newest model, INSIDER TWO. It's super thin and light, and it's also very powerful and modern style that caught my eyes, so I always wear them now .

The 20 Year Cerebration Model, Decade Two, Which I Bought Two Year Ago, Was The One I Ordered Right Away At The Occasion. I Still Remember That i Could Not Wait IT to Be Delivered.

The reason why I love DITA is not only its design but also the excellence of making. Based on the structure like a precision machine, material and design produce a great harmony. Its production makes us amazed every time they present new items.

So I'm Very Looking Forward to Their Opening Ceremony for the New FlagshipStore at the end of the month.


The Goal of 2016, WHICH WAS Studio Relocation, WAS Completed. For The Next Step, We Were Always Discussing Opening The Flagship Store.

Yes, one of the main goals of 2017 is this flagship store. The timing and the location are not decided. However, we have always been preparing for it in order to get it started right away as soon as we discover a good property.

Stockists Has Been Added to the Selling Area in Hankyu Men's Department Store in Osaka and Tokyo from this Spring. IT's obviously growing. Also the Promotion in Stores Has Been Gathered Steam.

We have a promotion and a visual presentation in Isetan Men's department store, a pop-up store for every season in Shinsaibashi Daimaru department store, and another pop-up store in Hankyu Men's department store in Osaka and Tokyo.

We ARE HAVING OUR FIRST ORIGINAL POP-UP STORE for A Week On June 7th in Hankyu Men's Department Store with Our Own WorldView of Katsuyukikodama. This is a Limited Store for Just A Week. So Don't Miss It!

WITH THESE RECORDS We Have Achieve, The Preparation for Katsuyukodama's First FlagshipStore in Tokyo Has Been Moving Forward.


[Image above] Hankyu Mens Osaka's first full-fledged manufacturing store setting appointment exercise. Collaboration with the cooperative companies of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Sakai City, Saitama Prefecture.

Picture Above: The Rehearsal of Setting Our Original Pop-Up Store in Hankyu Men's Department Store in OSAKA In Collaboration with the Cooperative Companies of Fujisawa-City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Warabi-City, Saitama Prefecture.

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