The reason why the brand in the front of the Shingda is the original of the Sumida River ~ 6 / The reason why the brand of jingu-mae Creates Products by Sumida-River: Part 6

Pack1 started to move

On the second morning, the phone enters a telephone call from a collection of promotional sales.

"The backpack touch rate was low for the first day, so let's change the display and make the backpack main?"

At that time, the backpack was just before the backpack with a trend, and the backpack is still sidewish. Main dish was a tote or leather clutch, a shoulder, and the backpack is not a fact that the sales is unknown, so it can not be helped.

What kind of style should I recommend? It can be used off, but can not be used in a business scene? Will the backpack become trend? Sales staff understands that they are cool, but there was little doubt for sale.

Moreover, the promotion is a two-week decisive battle. It is dangerous to adventure one day. I do not intend to hit Ishibashi, but I can not help but make it a solid display. But I answered the phone from the book.

"It's okay. The backpack of the full leather is neither, and it is not possible to produce in our company's own workshop. Made in Japan. Confident Sales!"

In this way, the main stage and the visual presentation shelf from the second day in the second day have developed the backpack mainly.

I had a lot of calls from Sales Staff as in the morning from the morning. As in the first day, clutches and shoulders are strong. And when I was in the afternoon, I finally came at that time.

"Backpack, first!"

The first purchase to commemorate was an all-kow leather model. Joy was jealous of KATSUYUKIODAMA's Previous Office and New Hachimachi workshop. And after the first selling, the backback starts to sell continuously.

When selling the third, we arrive at Isetan Mens with sales support. I looked at Pack1 and I looked up with my appearance, and the staff are delighted. Isn't the compatibility between black Nylon Mozzco coat and Pack1 is outstanding! Well, this backpack is a normal casual style and this backpack will fit the hard!

Sales staff were quickly after noticing it. Cowletter, Enamel, and Python's backpack sell, sell. There was no stock in no time, and in the two-week session, the stock was bottomed when there was not yet one week.

Well, let's turn on Pack-1 in front of the weekend one more weekend! The number of years of production only has only 3 days .........

Yes, the workshop of Shin-Okachimachi became a rainy castle again.

Pack1 Has Started To Move

AT The Second Day, The Kuramoto, Who Was Handling The Sales.

"AT The First Day We Could Not Get Good Attention for Backpacks, So We Have Changed The Display to Make Them Stand Out."

At that time it was right before the trend for the backpack came. So this item was still like a side dish for the staffs. The main dishes were tote bags, leather clutch bags, and shoulder bags. So it was understandable that they could not Deal with Backpacks Because Their Sales Amount Was Just Unpredictable at All.

"What kind of person can we suggest this item for?" "Can it be used in business scene as well?" "Is backpack going to be a trend?" The salespersons understood it was a new wave but they were still struggling with selling in reality.

The Promotion Was Just for Two Weeks. We Did Not Have Even One Day To Lose. I Knew They Were Not Too Nervous But they Tended to Set The Display in Conservative Way.

"No, it's going to be fine. You can not find all leather backpacks anywhere in the market and there are no brands like us producing goods all in house. This is absolutely MADE IN JAPAN. Be confident to sell them!"

From the Morning at The Second Day, We Set The Backpacks on the Shelf in the Main Stage and the Visual Presentation.

We Received Many Phone Calls from Sales Persons. As Welles of Clutch Bags and Sales of Clutch Bags and SHOulder Bags Were Going Well. And In The Afternoon We Finally Got The Time.

"Our First Backpack Sold!"

As a memorable moment, first backpack was the one in all cow leather. People at the office in Jingu-mae and at the studio in Shin-Okachimachi crowed over. After this moment, other backpacks stared to sell in succession.

After the Third One Sold, I Arrived At The Department Store to Help Them Out. As they Saw Me With The Pack-1 in the Black Nylon Mods Coat, They Understood This Backpack Wuld Match Casual Fashion So Much!

After They Recognized That, Their Sales Power BeCame Incomparable. The Backpacks in Cow Leather, Enamel, And Python Sold So Quickly. We Were Completly Out of Stock Before The First Week finished.

Now Let's Get The Pack-1 Be on the Shelf Again! We Actually Had Only Three Days To Go for Reproduction in Reality.

AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, The Studio in Sin-Okachimachi BeCame A Place with No Break Again.


[Image] Pack1 that moved violently from the initial movement. Staritions in the standard now.

Picture Above: The Pack1, Which Brought US A Great Success. IT IS Still The Regular Item Now.

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