The brand in the front of Jingu is the original of the Sumida River. 5 / The reason why the brand of jingu-mae Creates Products by Sumida-River: Part 5

Promotion with Isetan Mens

Previous domestic development, and before promotion in Isetan Mens, Taito-ku Kojima studio was tense air.

Pack1 producing for the first time. Is there a production process? What is the speed? What is inventory? Additional production is possible if you sell? How far can I have additional production within a two week short-term battle? In various expectations and anxiety, production in the workshop continued until midnight every day.

For Katsuyukikodama, which started from December 11, 2013, the first domestic promozon was a great sales from the first day.

After opening 10 o'clock, the call will come from the store's sales one after another. "New Nile Crocodile Clutch, Sold!" "Python's Black Clutch, Sold!" "Shoulder Solder Sold!"

Hey, Majima ......... Nile Crocodile's clutch was quite highlight but was it sold? ? The Python Clutch is also. What do you sell from such a high item? ? ?

However, Pack1 of Density Mania series, which was expecting the most responsive, is not selling. Customer touch rates are also low. Why? What is it?

Honestly, exotic leather clutches were woven to sell. At that time the clutch was a global trend, the price of 40,000 yen in all pythers and the price of 130,000 yen with Nile Crocodile is also a good price, and it is a price setting that can be done because it is made of in-house studio.

Under such circumstances, at the end of the fashion at that time, it was unexpected to the first day of all-leather backpack reactions.

After all, it was high for over 50,000 yen with a leather backpack .... Python 100,000 yen and 3.3 million yen with Nile Crocodile were premature newcomer brands that do not know .........

However, the situation will be rapid from the next day.

The Promotion at Isetan Department Store

IT WAS Our First Spread in Japan Market. When The Promotion at Isetan Department Store Was Around There, Out Studio In Kojima, Daito Ward Was in a tense atmosphere.

Our First Production For Pack1. How is the Production Procedure Going? The Speed? The Speed? The Possibility of the Additional Production IF It's Sold Well?

For Katsuyukikodama Started from December 11th 2013, The First Promotion in Japan Had A Great Success in Sales from the Fist Day.

After the closure time at 10:00 pm, we kept getting the phone calls form the store. "The new item, Nile crocodile clutch bag sold already!" "Black python clutch bag sold!" "Sheep shoulder bag sold, too!"

COME ON, REALLY? That Nile Crocodile Clutch Bag Was A Featured Product and Is Gone Already? The Python One Was The Same ... Why Did These High-Price Items Sell So Quickly?

Pack1 of Density Mani Series, Which Was Most Expected, Is Not Selling Well. IT Cannot Get Good Attention From Customers. Why?

. To be honest, the good sales result of the clutch bags in exotic leather met our expectations Clutch bag was obviously a trend in the world at that time All- python bag:. 40000JPY (about € 350), Nile crocodile bag: 130000JPY ( About € 1050). The Price Were Pretty Afflordable. One of the Reasons Was That We Produced The Items In Our Studio Witout Any Outsourcing.

So It Was A Big Surprise for US to See The Weak Reaction at the First Day Because The Most-Advanced Item in the Fashion Industry.

WAS IT A Little Too Expensive for Leather Backpack? Maybe It Was Too Early for The Unknown Brand to Have Python Goods for 100000:/4000000800) and Nile Crocodile Goods for 330000JPY (ABOUT € 2650).

HOWEVER, The Situation Changed Suddenly from the Next Day.


[Image: Up] Main stage of Isetan Mens B1F promotion started from December 11, 2013. [Image: Medium / bottom] Pack1 lineped on the VP surface. In addition to Nile Crocodile, Diamond Python, Enamel and Cowletter Debut. Classic items in the standard.

Picture Above: The Main Stage for the Promotion Started on December 11th 2013 AT ISetan Department Store.

Picture Middle and Below: Pack1 Lined UP in the Visual Presentation. These Were Made with Nile Crocodile, Diamond Python, Enamel, and Cow Leather. IT IS The Most Regular Item Still Now.




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