The reason why the brand of Jingu Miya is the original of the Sumida River ~ 4 / The reason why the brand of jingu-mae Creates Products by Sumida-River: part 4

Street whirlwind

June 2013 Fashion Week, Place of Announcement from Paris to Milan, I was in Shorome Marcona3, which is on Marka Street, which extends the east west of the center of Milan.

I was likely to be blown into the wind of the street that blows out there.

Six-year-old January in January, a black plummy, and the selling staff who met at the time of a showroom contract, and the sales staff in the mode of the mode are shallower, and the Buyer from around the world with over-sized T-shirts and sneakers I'm greeting!

It is totally different from half a year ago. Even with locks, minimal or art, no mode, no outdoor or American casual. The times are completely covered with streetstuffs. I felt felt fucked with a huge hammer.

And above all, this was a sight that was not in Paris.

I was starting to design a clutch or a backpack, I returned to Tokyo and started to accelerate the design and drawings and sample production at once. And the clutch and backpack with the breath of Milan's hot and territory street breath were built up at the workshop at a workshop. Sample production of fury also made the workshop as a non-night castle.

In September 2013, 2014 Spring-Summer exhibition is held at Harajuku.

Design of the Exhibition Venue The Festa Gallery 1F was not only new works unveiled in Milan, but also a new work that brushed up the season concept back from Milan. Yes, among the new works contained the Density Mania series Pack-1, which is at the center of the current sales.

New evaluations and orders are very high, and we won promotion at Isetan Mens B1F for 2 weeks from December 10 to 25 of the same year at this exhibition. The domestic development start of Katsuyukikodama began to move from this time and at once.

a Great Sensation of Street

AT The Fashion Week in June 2013, After We Shifted The Location From Paris To Milan, We Were in a showroom "marcona3" on Marcona Street Extending East and West At The East Side of Downtown in Milan.

I WAS Overwhelmed by the Wind of Street Fashion There.

In January (Half A Year Ago), I Was Surprised to See The Salespersons in over SIZED T-Shirts and Sneakers with Caps Because they Were in All-Black Mode Fashion When We Made A Contract.

Six Monde A Big Difference. IT WAS NOT Rock, Minimal, Art, Or Mode. IT WAS Not Outdoor, American Casual, Or Trad, Either. The Times Have Changed to The Street. I Felt My Head Was Clanged with A Hummer.

Furthermore, IT Was Not The Scene That I Didn't See in Paris.

I was doing a design for clutch bags and backpacks at the time. After getting back in Tokyo, I started to focus on design and drawing and sample making. And I finished the clutch bags and the backpacks inspired by the hot street breath in Milan. Our Studio BeCame A Place without a Break Again for the Production.

September 2013, The EXHIBITION for 2014 Spring and Summer Was Taken Place in Harajuku, TOKYO.

At the first floor for design festa gallery, there were not only new collections in Milan but also new products brushed up with the season concept. Among the new products, there was a PACK1 in the series of DENSITY MANIA, which was the main sale.

We got high evaluations and great order volume. Then we got an opportunity to have a promotion in Isetan department store. Our brand, "KATSUYUKIKODAMA" started to move forward in domestic market for sure and in one go from that time.


[Image: above] Density Mania Pack1 design image. Mass producer is different from the key area, and ZIPPER PULL is not drawn, but the image production image is well transmitted. [Image: Medium / Underfin] Harajuku Design Pack1 others unveiled in Festa Gallery. Leather's backpack is a topic and POP UP at Isetan Mens is decided.

Picture above:. The design of DENSITY MANIA PACK1 Key points are different from mass-produced goods, for example ZIPPER PULL is not contained in the design, but we can see the item can be suitable for mass production anyway.

Picture Middle and Below: Pack- and Other Goods Presented in Harajuku Design Festival Gallery. Leather Backpacks Got Attention and It Brought.



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