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Earn contract with showroom

Since I started the studio, January 2013, January 2013, participating in Tranoi in Paris, and Katsuyukikodama has won a contract with the showroom "marcona3", who competes 1, 2 in Milan.

Naturally, the meaning of exhibiting in the joint exhibition is, of course, the main purpose of sales to overseas shops, but the contract with the showroom was another goal.

Because a joint exhibition can be expected to be a lot of visitors, Katsuyukikodama is a different shop buyer, press-related parties, or Baiing offices, and also serviced to socially visual students There must be.

That is, the efficiency is bad. It is too bad. Isn't it likely that no good results will be created to exhibit at this exhibition? He felt that in the first season in January 2012, and the contract with the showroom has become the largest exhibition aimed at the exhibition.

I kept in touch with the president of the showroom I knew when I participated in Paris's joint exhibition for the first time in 2002, and I got to come to the Booth of Tranoi's Katsuyukikodama, but almost almost prepayment. In the prepaid prepaid, it became a violent opinion to be criticized to the contents of the brand or the contents of the product and the price zone.

From the seasons of the one season, the two seasons, the three seasons are welcomed from the one season of the European fashion scene, but the biggest goal achieved at the three seasons of exhibiting at Tranoi and contracting with the showroom It was really lucky to have done it.

And from June 2013, the place of presentation was transferred from Paris to Milan.

Not only changed the way of KATSUYUKIKODAMA's progress, we have never been aware of this at this time, as well as changing the walking path of Kojima Kojima.

Contract with a showroom

In Paris in January 2013, a half-year passed from the studio establishment, at the third season of the exhibition "TRANOI" we succeeded to have a contract with one of the best showrooms in Milan called "MARCONA3".

OF Course The Reason of Joining This Exhibition Was To Promote Our Brand To The Stores from Overseas, But The Other Purpose Was To Obtain A Contract with a showroom.

A big number of visitors could be expected in the exhibition, but there were so many buyers whose taste was different from our brand. There were also press, buying offices, and students who we had to spare time for.

This is not the good way to work efficiently. We asked ourselves if this way would bring a good result keeping on joining this exhibition. Through the experience at the first season of this event in January 2012, making a contract with a showroom became the biggest Purpose to Join It.

At my first time in this exhibition in 2012 I got to know a president from one of the showrooms. So I contacted him directly and he came to visit my booth. However, he criticized severely the concept of the brand, the contents of the products , and even the Price. So The Business Meeting Ended Badly.

We had the first season with the bitter experience. Next we had the second season being impressed by the fashion scene in Europe. And at the third season we could reach to have a contract with a showroom as our biggest goal and we felt we had good Luck.

THEN From June 2013, We Have Shifted The Place for Presentation from Paris to Milan.

We Never Knew That Decision Wuld Be A Turning Point To Change Not Only The Way of Our Brand to Go Butio to go in the future.


[Image: Up] The day when I brought a sample to Milan's showroom Marcona3 alone. 【Image: Understanding】 Before the product presentation. A sense of awake feeling. June 2013.

Picture Above: At The Day Webbrought Our Samples to A Showroom in Milan.

Picture Below: Before The Presentation. We Felt Out of Place. June 2013.


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