What do you spend in Korona? May edition-Part 2

What do you spend in Korona? Write down the recent topics. 2.

Special fixed benefit online application: New coronavirus infection An application for special flat-rate benefits to supply uniform ¥ 100,000 per capita, as part of emergency economic measures. If you want to apply online immediately, however, the processing of the office applied online is confusing, and the reply in the postcard while the online is rod, and the information that the cash payment is fast. It has flowed from a television or radio.

Hey, did Japan so much IT go ahead? Well then, I'm not doing it, but I'm going to apply for postcards ... but I spent a few days while thinking, but whenever, no postcard is sent from the government office. Since there is no such thing at this time, the application for special flat-rate benefits was decided for a while. Well I suddenly got a sudden time from a plaintra. It can be understood to some extent that the preparation of the government office or office can not catch up, but it takes a considerable time to process, so I have to attach a question mark to the behavior of the Banzai-charged government office that has to get over with manpower.

Even if you have not applied to the general public and you have not yet applied for a My Number Card, you can log in to the "My Portal" or forget the PIN for trading, and you can forget the PIN for transactions to a long line. It seems that both public and private sides are already Gdaga. People who had prepared in the modern people who had a peaceful blur were a handful that they were exposed to Moro at this Korona.

In my case, if there is a min-bar card if you have a certificate for a company relationship, I was making it easily and made in a convenience store, but I was creating it happened, but it would probably not know that it was a position of my number and my nan bar card. . When I made it, my face photo with a face photo can be used in various times as an ID card with a driver's license and a health insurance card, and from this summer, point reduction for a min-bar card holder is started, next spring It seems that it will be possible to use as a health insurance card, and I think it is quite a card that can be used easily.

Japanese people are one of the other experiences before World War II, but it seems to be a nervous that the state is nervous to manage personal information, but it is only one of the reasons why the minual bar card has not been spreading easily, but just a smartphone Because my behavior history is Dada leak, it may be a little more flexible. Well, I have a mynaman bar card, and I decided to apply online after all because it is not very disappointing that it is not a long time ago, as for the application of special flat-rate benefits in postcards.

Application can be from PC and smartphone. If you're from the PC, you need a card reader that reads the My Number Card, and if you're from the smartphone, you can read the smartphone against the card. I have a card reader because I had a card reader, but I had an experienced the right that my name, address, date of birth, etc. is automatically entered, just by holding my smartphone on my Number Card, and I applied from a smartphone It was to be.

I'm going to enter from the dedicated app called "My Portal", but I would like to make it easy for the app made by the government. As the application proceeds, an input of a password (number of numbers) of the unmanned name (4 digits) is required to hear that "ticket plane input assistance". In other words, it is a password to log in to "My Portal". If you enter and clear, the name, address, date of birth, etc. will be automatically input. If you specify a transfer account or a cache card or a net bank, if you upload a screenshot of the account screen, etc., another "signature electronic certificate" (6 to 16 alphanumeric characters) (6 to 16 alphanumeric characters) Is required. This is another "trading password" from "Login password" in net bank and net securities.

In other words, I have been certified two stages, but it is difficult to understand that name. The PIN for 4 digits "Ticket Section Input aid" is "Login password", "Signature Electronic Certificate" is not good for "Trading Password"? Although the people were the terms that the people are familiar with, I felt that I didn't have to be a word word. Even if I am used to banking, securities and shopping on the net, I was a little puzzled when the wording of "ticket plane input assistance" or "signature electronic certificate" came out. Everyone will hit the wall with a PIN code request by a wording close to these two types of meaning.

Moreover, if the security code remains initial setting and the security code is initialized, the PIN will be displayed as "expired". "Signature Electronic Certificate" is a 5th birthday from issuance, and it seems to revoke when you change your address or name, and the security code = password from the original stage where My Number was distributed. People who are not arranged will be difficult to break through this barrier. Moreover, it is not possible to reset the PIN online, and it is necessary to go to the window of the office, so it is converter that the window of the government office is also confused and tertially.

At first glance, special flat-rate benefits and Mainber Cards would be compatible, but if the national individuals who have received the distribution of My Number are not properly effective if they are not properly managed and operated, it is useless It is. PIN = Passwords = expired, and the cause of which people who give up online applications at one step are exactly here.

Well, I happened to have used the My Number Card for a relatively large amount, so it cleared all and completed the application. After completion, the sheet where the application content is described in the registered Melad was sent by PDF, and I wrote it a while ago, but I just wrote the app itself, but it's a good, easy-to-understand structure. Is it ... My PIN that was effective this time = Password can be used until the card itself 's expiration date (issue and 10th birthday). Do not forget to manage and operate, systems that countries made by several billion yen.


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