What I was looking forward to 2020 ~ Part 1

What I was looking forward to in 2020 is canceled or postponed one after another. In the first place, the marathon competition venue, who was looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics ticket primary lottery, suddenly I had to move to Sapporo, but I couldn't say anything that I could not say anything from last fall, but Corona I can not see ahead at once with the emergence of This is not limited to me, but it was a disaster that came to all people, and when I'm looking forward to it, when it is cleared, the frustration was only unclear, while the frustration was only in the same amount of Moyamiya. Anxiety is always drifting in my heart. This once, let's say "I was looking forward to cancellation and postponement in the sense of organizing in myself.

Anthem35th Anniversary Tour: This is really a pity. Anthem is the only band that continues to listen to 1985, junior high school. Once in 1992, it will be reluctant once in 2001, and this year is now active this year's debut 35th anniversary. I went to their Live tour so far, but I came to my LIVE tour, but I've always seen LIVE and LIVE that has become a chance to change later.

In the 1987 Spring "Bound to Break" tour, I was a high school with my friends, and I was waiting for anthem "admission" in front of Studio Otis of local Oita LIVE venue. Members who arrived at the venue by the tour bus before noon, let me carry the instrument carrying with me and my friends who are looking for a touch and put them in the dressing room! I was going to be able to get in touch with my longing members, but I was happy to see a dream. After LIVE is over, the vocals' Sakamoto-Sanzo, "I will never forget yours," he left for the next destination Saga. Band played an American LA performances in the summer of the year, and after the Archal-powered country, the first Shibuya public hall (following: Shibu et al.) While he was going to further go to success. The pressure from the sense of responsibility to the band and the tough tour of fatigue were the reason for the retirement. "I will never forget yours," said to us, was the word that came out because I was definitely decided to withdraw. I was young with the weight of the word I was tears many times.

LIVE in the Shirt in the "Hunting Time" tour in 1989 was the set list and the performance quality, but this time, the 1F seat was filled with Japan's Heavy Metal Movement. However, the 2F seat was noticeable. The first LIVE in Shiodome PIT, which is a new vocal, Morikawa Morikawa, is filled with an audience that can not be entered, and it has not been against the flow of era, who has been full of 2000 people in Tomei Osaka, Since 90 years, the holy place was moved to the 1000 Capa Club Chitta Kawasaki (hereinafter: Chitta). Since the shell was closed and dismantled in 2015, it was the last Shibu performance of the genuine Anthem.

Yuya Fukuda Fukuda Yatsuya in the stage while working on a triggering trigi with a GRAND SLAM in the front seat in the Rockin'f event "Enfant Terrible" in 1989 Seijada Wharchabu F of the Senior Warehouse F. It seems to vomit the riders towards Shibata Naoto in the leader during play (sweat). There was also an accident that PA's tone was bad and the pA's tone is bad and the sound of the guitar is not enough, but if it was taken to the leader, it is no good ~ I watched LIVE while watching LIVE, and in the band at that time I knew it to get a disturbing air. After that, Fukuda Yasuya participated in the recording of the new album "No Smoke without Fire", but with the tour of the new work, the tour started immediately after the start. LIVE in Terada Warehouse became the last LIVE to watch Yuya in Tokyo.

In the Haru Rock Event "Live Zeal-Rock Bombs Explosion" in the 1990 Haruna "Live Zeal-Rock Bombs Explosion", the drum MAD is a long-years of the injured arms (fingers?) While they get worse and play while suffering I was hit. Dramming of MADs that multilim shot is a considerable burden on the thumb of the left hand. Besides, Anthem has been playing more than 200 LIVEs from the Amanata period, and it guessed that Gata came out of the body around this time. MAD did not appear in the session with Grand Slam, Dedchaplin, Earthshaker co-star, and I was a big fan of MAD. Looking at the video of the subsequent tour MAD still continues the power drum while changing the form of the shot.

In March 1992, "Domestic Booty" was released and several LIVE in Tennai Osaka was announced in May. During the junior high school age, it is the breath of the band and the dissolution of the band, what should I listen to now? I lost my heart. Several factors are inferred, but as mentioned earlier in the early 90's, the Japan's Heavy Metal Movement was completely lowered, and the world is late in the rise of grunge and alternative music. Even if it made a good work, the sales and LIVE mobilization did not grow. Anthem itself, I think that it was independent of Mariono Music, which is independent of Ito government, which has been taken care of by debut, and has been tired even if you were not only creating music such as band operation, promoting and accounting. Finally I'm a shinjuku's Nisshin Power Station with a breaking LIVE. It is shown in the Live video released after the later appearance was dissolved (laughs).

The Tomei Osaka Tour held in the "Heavy Metal Anthem" release, which fuuced Graham Bonnet, who fuuced Graham Bonnet, just before reinforming. On the second day of the tour final Shibuya On Air 2days, the hot air of that day is still no longer. Immediately after the disbanded in 1992, members were doing various activities, but they were no longer listening to the year. Such a family vocalist Sakamoto-san, a major success and a great success in "Animetal", and the light came again to the 80's Heavy Metal Band, which had been working in the dark. And it was a project called "Anthem Featuring Graham Bonnet" that was released from Major Victor. Lainbow's former Vocarist Graham Bonnet sings a representative song of Anthem's newly recorded album was also talked about, and everyone wanted to watch Anthem after a long time,Hiyashemo ANTHEM revival? There is also speculation and expectation ofShibuya On Air is exactly no choice! I had a job and I entered the venue in the last day I had a customer who had a back to the wall at the end of the venue. The remodeling momentum is raised at once at this event, leading to the revival of 2001.

In 2005 after re-formation, past members were inconsistent with the 20th anniversary LIVE in the 20th anniversary LIVE in the Kawasaki performances only in the genius guitarist appeared! The past members were released in advance information with preliminary information, but the middle participation was announced and I was fainted with the surprise that was negligible. After the major debut, Anthem is two vocals, three guitars, and three drums are replaced, but each member has been replaced by his ANTHEM. But this middle only is a super short-term affiliation of about a year from February to March 1990. It would have been a genius only for free. It was not fitted to Anthem, which deafs, and just participating in the tour without leaving his own sound source in the album. After that, I found Shimizu Shimizu of a young genius guitarist, so Anthem was saved, but the news of interim withdrawal in just a year was a symbol of a long time of ANTHEM. It was also true that I wanted to listen to the intermediate participating album. Even LIVE but its presence was not Humper. That was cool. The middle of the middle of the middle of the middle was fascinated by the 20th anniversary LIVE that appeared in front of us at the 20th anniversary LIVE, and the audience of the super full chip was not faded.

Anthem with just such memories. If you try to make it a letter, you really need to say that it is really necessary to say it. Therefore, the 35th Anniversary Live Tour could not be helped with fun, and what is the Prologue performance and this show be already given a ticket in a tough lottery? I felt. Fortunately there was a postponement announcement, but it is not necessary to announce the cancellation, so there is also a desired observation that the schedule will be announced again if Corona ends, but it is a story if Corona ends ........ Oh, I want to watch LIVE early. (Institute of Believe)

to be continued~

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