What do you spend in Korona? May-Part 1


What do you spend in Korona? This blog is the same on April 1st, just before the emergency declarationContentWrighted, but the situation has changed since then two months old and the situation has changed every day. Let's write down the recent topics.

Production of KK MascaeidThis place was divided by KK Mascaide production. We promoted the work of sewing assist such as ironing or codestopper setting, thread cutter, etc. for hairdressing. The first bullet of KK Mascaeid was out, but not only me, the motivation of everyone at the factory was also high, and even in the middle of the operation, the request for additional production of the first bullet is also included, and the tension is rising. Since it is the root of my creation in the first place to change the thought flexibly according to the trend, I will propose the free ideas of my own in this corona and the like. After Corona does not come back completely in front of Corona, there is an opinion that various things will evolve, but it seems that it is so, it is a bag, a wallet, and the peripheral miscellaneous goods are now I'm making a mask. The schedule is filled with KK Mascaeid production until mid next month, and it was sold only KK_E-SHOP, but if you are going to go out and disconnect, you have KK Mascaeido in various places and sales If you plan to put it, there will be a joke for the slot of the factory with mask production for a long time in the end of the year ..... may not be a joke. As a designer, this can be challenged in various fields not only by the bag, and I am sent a day to get excited and dancing what to create.

KATSUYUKIKODAMA for Joggers and Walkers Progress: In the day to dance such a cocolo, "Katsuyukikodama for Joggers and Walkers" is in progress. In the remote work and weekends, I was doing jogging and walk around my home, and I often notice that I had such items and such items. Even if it runs at the gym, there was no one to run in the park and Kawara in the neighborhood, and there was almost no walk. Somewhat self-restraint request, Aoyama, Ginza, Shinjuku who do not have a store, and I spend something locally, it is boring. Even if you watch TV and net in the room, you get bored soon and your body is dull. That was a daily routine jogging and walking. If you go outside, people who can not help and take a walk or take a walk in the same way as they are, and are surprised at the number of them. In coexistence with corona for the time, the behavior around the home will increase as soon as it is compared to the front of corona. Not only jogging and walking, but also remote drinks and nest cooking are also sure. Is this also a "new life style"? Good! Well then, don't you embody something you want simply in the "New Life Style" as Katsuyukikodama! This is the "For Joggers and Walkers" planning. There are 4,5 items that are already in progress, and it is still possible to publish it yet, but I would like to expect because it has been rising with a considerable quality. They are scheduled for Limited release with KK_E-SHOP with KK Mascaeid.

to be continued~

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