Issues given to all designers


Will the completed KK Mascaide will not be shipped from May 15, and this weekend has arrived at all of you. And I wondered if I put out KK Mascaeid and went out. KK Mascaide "Smile under Mascaide❤"Catch copy, everyone always smile!

The expansion of the new coronavirus infection was successful, and the rise of the temperature and humidity has been overlapped and the rise of the temperature has become a small condition. Since I have suppressed PCR inspection, I have a case where the number of Japanese-infected people is actually the case of actuality, and the infection of coronavirus that continued to expand is decreasing, and economic activity is gradually resuming from rural areas. Now the situation is a light of the desired light in our hearts that continued to hear negative information and tired. In addition, it is said that the second wave will come in the fall, and this second wave is a prediction that the infection expansion is larger than the first wave, and it does not allow or not foreseen, but however, however, The question of whether to maintain free life and economic activity while coorona is a coorona, will be the challenges that we live in the present age. Everyone feels strongly that you have to put wisdom from various perspectives and solve the problem.

Speaking of the issues we have given to all of us, coronavirus gave us a common challenge to fashion designers around the world. It is a creation of masks that became essential items of life in with Corona. Masks are only the two materials and the shape of the cord on the body and the ear and are very shaped, and almost the shape. Because it was not used only for medical use, there is no fashion element. However, since it became an essential item for life, people who want to add different things are always increasing, and I have always thought that I wanted to put a mask different from others. I also want your own brand customers to add something different from others. The idea of ​​the designer who thinks and the request from the customer was moved, and the issue paper of mask and creation was distributed simultaneously to the world's fashion designer. Just like the university entrance exam center exam!

Some designers who answer the ambitious answer to this problem paper also some designers that can not answer only items that are difficult to issue. of course it is. Since the world is creating the same thing at the same time and the answer is required, it will be compared without being cool, and it will be a good laughter seed if you create something that is not cool or dash. Avenomask that jumped out on April Fool's Day is a good example. So you can understand that there are many designers who can not be motivated, and there are many designers who get rid of sewing factories and knit factories. But now it is a talented show place as a designer now. Believe in yourself and try to create a new mask more and more! !

This mask released as KATSUYUKIKODAMA created the Mascaeid Mask of Venetia, Italy, based on the creative image. So the name is "KK Mascaide". Fabric uses black, red, khaki, and clear colors such as Nevi, and the cords and stoppers that take ears and brand names are all unified to black, making it a flashy mascaide mask Followed the image of

The concept of "KK Mascaeid" is the same as the brand concept. Even if you are putting it, it is a mask that feels cool and vibe. Mascaeid = Masked by masking, it is lonesome and bewitching. Hiding and interact with the features, and I can't forget the positive thoughts with KK Mascaeid, like Venice's Carnival, which tastes open feeling from a cramped everyday life! It is KK mascaide that has been born from such a thought.

The first reservation for the first place started at 21:00 on May 3 is access concentration and lines down. After retaining for about an hour and finally, it is a storm of the great order, and the set of 2 pieces of BLK and NVY without one hour is sold out. After that, the four-color set is also sold out soon and Khaki is sold out at midnight. Red was sold out in one day. It was a really exciting time in the dark corona. Everyone is asking for a cool mask and became confident.

Well, KK Mascaeid resale was decided from May 21st. The method of sale is the same as the previous, color is Black, Nevi, Khaki, 4 colors of red. The price is 1,900 yen (excluding tax), Black, Nevi, Khaki, and 4 pieces of red for sale in 4-piece set of 4 pieces of ¥ 3,800 (excluding tax) with 4 sets of each color. Made in Japan and in-house factory production. If you could not buy the last time, please come to this opportunity!

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